#3 The choice of the right windows and doors

27 March 2018| News| Mareike Eckhoff

Once a week we give important tips about building a summerhouse in our new series: “What makes a quality summerhouse”. Our architects and wood professionals explain which details are important when you want a summerhouse to last as long as possible. From material choice to final assembly, everything will be dealt with. In this way, you can become an expert on wooden summerhouses yourself!

When constructing a summerhouse, you should pay attention to several matters. It is important to start thinking about these matters before you start building your summerhouse. Our blog series offers a good start. We have already given tips on how to pick the right wood type and the perfect construction system. When choosing a construction system, is it especially important to use as few screws as possible. This is very important for a durable summerhouse because the wood must be able to work. When choosing wooden windows and doors, you should also realise these will work. The matters you should also pay attention to will be explained in this blog.

High-quality wood and the right finish

The quality of the wood is essential. Wood of less quality which has not been kiln dried will bend and rot faster than wood of high quality which has been kiln dried. Because of the bending, cracks will appear between the window frames and the walls. Water can enter the summerhouse and it will leak.

Spruce of high quality can be used perfectly for windows. It is also recommended to not make the windows and doors out of solid wood but out of laminated and finger-joint wood. Laminated wood consists of small wooden parts which are glued together. When doing this, it is made sure that the growth rings are in opposite directions. This prevents the wood from bending. The finger-joints make the construction extra stable.

Window with warped wooden frame

Isolation by double glass

Good isolation is important for windows and doors too if you want to enjoy your summerhouse for many years. Double glass is an important part of isolation. It is not a must, but necessary if you want to prevent the summerhouse from getting damaged by weather conditions. When the windows and doors are not sealed properly, moist and rot can appear quickly. Draught can also be prevented with double glass. In this way, the warmth is kept inside for longer and the summerhouse can also be used on colder days. If you want to protect plants from frost in the winter, double glass is recommended as well.

Only double glass cannot stop the draught fully. It is also important to build in high-quality draught strips. In this way, even the smallest cracks will be sealed airtight. In addition, draught strips are sound-absorbing.

Adjustable hinges

As mentioned before, wood works. That is why there is a risk that the windows and doors will start to bend. To avoid this, it is important to make sure that the windows and doors are made of laminated wood and are finger-jointed. A quality summerhouse is the goal. If you follow these tips, you are already very close to achieving this. Adjustable hinges on the windows and doors provide added value. Your summerhouse is exposed to different weather conditions every day. Minimize the risk and get adjustable hinges for your summerhouse.

Solid wood of sufficient strength

When selecting the windows and doors, ensure that the laminated solid wood has a certain thickness. In general, it can be said that a stronger window always means better isolation. With a thickness of 45 mm one can assume these are high-quality products. Lugarde even offers her doors and windows in a thickness of 56 mm. Therefore, you can be sure that you have made the best decision for your summerhouse.

Three-point locking for burglary protection

A three-point lock on the doors offers the right protection against burglary. Especially when you store expensive garden tools, store furniture with a high value or have products of personal value in your summerhouse, this is very important. Every two minutes a burglary takes place, so protect your belongings and your summerhouse against burglary.


In general, it can be said that you should do research and work hard, even when installing doors and windows. In addition to using sufficiently strong laminated solid wood with finger-joints, make sure that the windows are double glazed and have a high-quality rubber seal. Since wood works, it is wise to use adjustable hinges. Furthermore, it is a good idea to consider getting a three-point lock on the doors.

A large selection of matching windows and doors can be found at for example Lugarde.


See what happens in the next post of this blog series. Different roof shapes will be discussed in the upcoming parts. In these, we will treat you to many options. What kind of roof is right for you? Apex roof, flat roof, pent roof, pyramid roof or an asymmetrical roof? Discover what makes each type of roof special and what to pay attention to. There will be a separate post for each roof type in the coming weeks. The first post will be about the apex roof. Discover the different roof types in these blogs!

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