The 5 finalists of our competition

27 February 2018| News| Mareike Eckhoff

The finalists of our Lugarde competition have been determined! Five participants can be very happy about the raffle. They are only a small step away from their dream summerhouse to the value of £5,000,- .

Many congratulations from our side to 1. Conny Ziemba, 2. Maria Magdalena Bukovics, 3. Lothar Dirks, 4. Danielle Bruijnesteijn-Mes and 5. Simone Shea. These five participants had a lot of luck in our big raffle last Sunday. Over 2,000 people took part in our competition. Have a look at the exciting raffle in this video:

The design with the most likes wins

An exciting time has come for our finalists. Now they have two weeks to design their own dream summerhouse. They will do this with our unique 3D-configurator. The final designs will be posted on our Lugarde Facebook page. After that, we will have to wait until 31 March 2018. Then the final winner will be announced on Facebook at 7:30PM. Good luck to all finalists!

The Lugarde 3D-configurator

Are you interested in our 3D-configurator? Find out more about it on our website or visit us on YouTube