10 reasons why customers choose Lugarde

From small pavilions and summerhouses to magnificent log cabins that are used as holiday homes, you will find it all at Lugarde. We also supply luxury summerhouses which can be found in the gardens of the European royal families. Lugarde products are versatile and we can fulfil almost every wish. But what makes us stand out from the crowd? Why do customers choose Lugarde?

1. Decades of experience

Since 1978, Lugarde has been producing top-quality summerhouses and gazebos. This expertise is reflected in every summerhouse, right down to the tiniest detail. In the Netherlands and the UK we are market leader.

2. Bespoke design is standard

About 90 % of the products we make are custom made. With our own factory, we can supply whatever bespoke design is required. Do you want a log cabin with the dimensions 6.31 m x 5.8 m? No problem! And great news… there’s no extra charge for bespoke design. With Lugarde, you have bespoke design for the price of a standard model!

3. Huge dealer network with show sites

Lugarde works in the UK with a large network of qualified Lugarde dealers. Our dealers can help you answer any questions and select the right summerhouse, log cabin, veranda or gazebo for your garden. You can come to us for carports and garages too. If you visit a showroom, you will get a good overview of our top quality products and numerous options.

4. Robust construction system

Lugarde offers three different construction systems.

  • The classic, rustic log cabin interlocked system with overlapping corner connections
  • Our Prima 3=1 system with stump corners
  • The newly developed Pro-system with modern and robust corner posts

The last two systems were developed in-house (the Prima-system is patented). You won’t find any screws or nails in our walls. This allows the natural movement of wood. Nevertheless, our log cabins, summerhouses and gazebos are extremely strong and stable.

5. Many extras as standard

It goes without saying that we will always supply a top quality product. In order to achieve this, many parts are included in the price as standard. Three-point locks with SKG approval (2 stars), HR++ double glazing in our windows and doors, pressure-treated foundation beams and much more.


6. Timber quality

For a top-quality summerhouse, the very best timber is required. Lugarde uses quality timber sourced from northern countries. The cold climate makes the wood extremely strong. All our timber is kiln dried in special drying rooms to approx. 14 – 16 % moisture content. This limits shrinking and expansion of the wood and improves its quality.


7. Many additional options

We have a wide range of options. This makes us a champion in bespoke design. From robust, glass sliding-walls, external floors and insulation, to an (impregnated) internal floor, at Lugarde anything is possible. Be inspired by the options we offer.

8. Your own design with our 3D configuration tool

In the summer of 2016 we combined our decades of experience and expertise by developing a unique 3D-configurator. Design your own personal summerhouse with your PC or tablet and watch all changes in a 360 degrees-model.

9. Sustainability

Sustainability is an important issue for us. That’s why we only buy from PEFC/FSC certified timber suppliers. Our modern techniques allow us to limit waste and reuse residual waste. In addition, for every tree felled, we replant 1.2 new trees.

10. Guarantee

The fact that we stand behind every product we produce allows us to provide a 5-year guarantee on all our products. Learn more about the guarantee.

Lugarde – Simply the best!

Discover why more and more people choose Lugarde! Take a look through our amazing range of summerhouses, gazebos and wooden garages or discover or unique 3D-configurator.