An office in your garden!

Is your summerhouse your own garden office? The new way to work is from home. Let yourself be inspired! 





The advantages of an office in your garden

1. A private workplace

As mentioned earlier, working at home is becoming more and more popular, and you can easily do this at your kitchen table if you live alone. Unfortunately, this is not possible if you have a family or live together, because you will be distracted very easily. A summerhouse or log cabin in your own garden can be the solution.

2. Less travel time

In addition to a quiet workplace at home, working from home has another advantage. You can get up later because you no longer have to worry about travelling to work. It’s also wonderful that you no longer have to be in traffic or in a crowded train.

3. Plan your own working hours

If you have your own company, it is easy to plan your own working hours. It’s wonderful to get up late and maybe work a little longer.
In addition to these points, there are other benefits. The cost of a summerhouse can be tax deductible, if this is possible for tax purposes. Sit down with your tax adviser.