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A band room in a log cabin!


Do you like to play an instrument together with others in a band? Did you know that a log cabin is perfect for a band room? Whether there is not enough space in the house, or you want to have peace and quiet while playing your instrument, a garden house offers you the opportunity to enjoy your passion the most! So why rent a room away from home when you can turn your garden into a zone just for yourself and your band colleagues? Make as much noise as you want! Since our houses are made of solid wood, you don’t have to worry about being too noisy. You can also safely protect all your valuable musical instruments from wind and weather and use it to decorate a cosy wooden garden room.


Jamming in your own recording studio when the band gets together.

The advantages of a band room in your garden house:

1. You determine the volume!

Unlike in an apartment, you have the wooden house completely to yourself! That means no neighbours above or below you. This gives you the opportunity to live out your passion without risking problems with your neighbours.

2. First performances

The possibilities are not only limited to playing the instruments. Also, first gigs can be organized in the home garden. Band rooms can also be used for parties, where the live music of your band is not missing!

3. The right sound

In a garden house the perfect sound can also be achieved through insulation and good sound damping. This is also suitable for other recordings such as YouTube videos or when recording the songs of your band.