Fotografie Studio

A photo studio in a garden building


Are you a professional photographer or a photography enthusiast who wants to create your own photography studio where to receive your clients or develop your photography skills? Make your dream come true by setting up a professionally equipped photo studio in a log cabin or a summerhouse!

The advantages of a photo studio in your own garden

1. Take professional photos in the back of your garden

To create a professional photo studio, you will need the space for all the equipment: cameras, light sources, backdrops and so on. A log cabin or a summerhouse will provide you with the space you need, moreover, if you have a multi-room garden building, you can set up a waiting area, a changing room or even a darkroom (if you are into film photography)!


2. Create your perfect layout for a photo studio

Lighting is very important in photography, therefore the positioning of doors and windows is crucial. With a timber garden building, it’s easy to adjust the size and the location of the windows to the layout of your garden, to get as much natural lighting as possible. In addition to that, our unique 3D-configurator even allows you to design your own bespoke log cabin or summerhouse, creating a floor plan that perfectly suits your needs.


3. Start a home-based photography business

If you are a freelance photographer and you want to expand the range of your services, then creating a photo studio in your garden is the first step toward your goal. A professionally equipped photo studio will allow you to offer services like product photography, as well as private photo sessions for families, children and pets. What’s also important – a private photo studio in your garden will help you to maintain a healthy work-life balance!