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A romantic gazebo in your garden for all your parties

Are you looking for a wooden gazebo? Then you should take a look at the complete Lugarde collection, where we have a wide range of wooden gazebos and wooden gazebos with sides. A gazebo can be a great addition to any garden. Our diverse collection caters to all different tastes from a quirky teahouse vibe to a more romantic feel.

History of a wooden arbor

In the 19th century, arbors were very popular in the UK and still are to this day! Gazebos are very common and are a perfect place to relax and drink a refreshing cup of tea. In the past, people built a gazebo in the gardens of large manors to radiate luxury and class. Residents of a high-class country house used a gazebo to entertain and share a cup of tea or a nice meal.

These days a gazebo is not as exclusive as it once was and has become much more accessible to everyone. We are proud of our collection. It can add a classic romantic feel to any garden.

The word gazebo is a French loanword, which means ‘overgrown seat’. With a gazebo, you can sit outside, sheltered from the sun, creating your own relaxing utopia. It creates the feeling of your own private garden.



Different purposes of a wooden arbor

Gazebos are now used for many different purposes. It could be your perfect romantic spot, an area to relax and unwind, or entertain and host friends and families. A gazebo can be a perfect place to grow plants, use them as storage, or for a safe playing environment too.

A traditional gazebo can create a romantic setting with a classic feel. You can also create a modern gazebo to keep in fitting with your house. With our simple 3D configurator, you can easily adjust one of the templates, or completely design your own bespoke gazebo.

Build your own gazebo in the garden

Arbors are made of wood and can create a picturesque setting in your garden, and do not need much space. Because of its round shape, it can fit into almost every corner of your garden. Would you love to have a gazebo or arbor in your garden but don’t have one yet? Then you should definitively take a look at our range.