A studio in your garden house!


Are you artistically gifted and do you want to create a space for your passion? Then a Lugarde garden house is exactly what you are looking for. A garden house offers you a lot of space to create your works of art and is very inspiring because of its connection with nature. Even if you like to take pictures or videos, you can still use your wooden gazebo or large garden room. The walls of the gazebo are ideal for hanging up your pictures so that everyone who visits you gets a perfect impression of your art.


The advantages of having an atelier in your garden house:

1. Undisturbed art

Do you not find enough rest at home or in public studios to make your art? In your log cabin you have the possibility to make and edit your photos and paintings undisturbed. Unlike in the house, you have peace and quiet in your garden house and you can store photos and paintings undisturbed and you always have everything at hand.

2. Connection with nature

Where better to be creative than directly in nature? With a garden house, you have an impressive view in your garden, and you can be inspired by nature. Create paintings of natural landscapes. That way you will get enough inspiration for all your next artworks.

3. First exhibitions

If you have created some artworks, the studio in your garden house is also suitable for an exhibition for the public. At such an exhibition you can also make use of your garden. Present your paintings in your garden and inspire your guests!