A yoga studio in your garden house!


Have you always wanted your own place where you can carry out your yoga activities in peace and quiet? Did you know that this is easily possible in your own garden house! In your garden house you can create the perfect place where you can carry out these activities. It wouldn’t bother anyone, and you can also train with others. In combination with the beautiful view in your garden you will enjoy this to the fullest!


Escape from the rat race

Escape from the rat race

Fully relax in your own personal recreation room where all the stress disappears. Check our large garden rooms for inspiration.

Create your own design


The advantages of a yoga studio in your backyard:

Peace and quiet:

In your garden shed you can enjoy the peace and quiet that your own place offers you. If you have a veranda at your garden house, you can also do your yoga activities outside in the summer and spring, so you could also be busy outdoors.

Saves time

It would save a lot of time if you could perform yoga in your backyard instead of having to ride or cycle to a studio. You can quickly change your clothes and get to work in your garden. This allows you to practice yoga at any time.

Not only for yourself

The yoga studio you can start using doesn’t have to be for yourself alone. You can use it for example with your regular group with which you do yoga every week. This will give you a good time and so you can enjoy your garden shed together.

Your own place

You don’t have to put away all the stuff that others have used, but you can start working in your own studio right away. The materials you need are ready and everything is neat and tidy!