Accommodation in the countryside – a log cabin guest house

Whether hosting guests is your hobby or business, making them feel welcome and comfortable is the key. Are you wondering how to improve the accommodation experience, so your guests start visiting you more often or your clients keep returning over and over again? Offer them a unique accommodation experience where they can find harmony with nature – a log cabin guest house located in the countryside!

Accommodation in the countryside – a log cabin guest house

The advantages of a log cabin guest hous

1. A unique accommodation experience

An overnight accommodation in a log cabin in the middle of the woods or a beautiful English-style garden is something that many people haven’t experienced. The combination of a timber building, a wood burning stove and the beautiful views through the windows is something people are looking for to escape from their everyday life.


2. An indoor and outdoor kitchen

Having a good time is often associated with enjoying delicious food. If you decide to set up a guest house in a log cabin, you can turn a separate room into a kitchen or create an outdoor kitchen area under the canopy with a grill and wood-fired pizza oven.


3. An all-year-round guest house

If it’s properly insulated and heated, a log cabin guest house will serve you all year round. This means that you can keep running your business throughout the winter or welcome your friends and family to spend the Christmas holidays in your log cabin guest house.  

Lugarde Log Cabin B44 is a big log cabin with a flat roof. It has two room each of which with a separate entrance. The large overhang invites you to sit outside and enjoy a fantastic view of your garden.