John and Mary have room for all their stuff … in their garden


Your tools, garden furniture, Christmas items or a beautiful collection – where do you put it all? Like John and Mary, design extra storage space where you can keep your belongings organised, safe and dry. Where? In your garden of course!




A person collects a lot of things in his life. Sometimes, you can throw something away, sell it or give it as a gift, but you want to keep many things. Because they are useful or precious. Or because you simply need them. Then it’s nice to have a good place for them – moisture and frost free.


Choose a basic model or design from scratch

Whether you want a separate shed or build an entire family house (as John and Mary did) – everything is possible. After all, you determine the dimensions and layout yourself. At Lugarde, you can make a design according to your own wishes.

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Full options = standard!

Top quality for a fair price – that’s what Lugarde offers you. This is reflected in the first-class materials and our eye for detail. And in the many extras that are all included in the price. A small selection: HE++ double glazing, three-point locks, free skirting boards with an interior floor, five-year warranty on manufacturing and construction defects.

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Lugarde 3D Configurator

Simply create your own design

Looking for a bespoke summerhouse?

Are you inspired, but can’t find your ideal summer house? If you want a different size, style or layout, create your own design with our configurator. You can immediately see how it looks in your garden and how much it costs – it’s as easy as that.

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