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Every entrepreneur deserves his or her own workspace

You have worked hard to gain knowledge in your specialist field. And then the moment comes when you step out into the world as an entrepreneur. Or maybe you have been working in your own field for years and already have a lot of experience. In either case, it is nice to have your own summer house with a designated workspace. A private practice space, garage, or home office. The ultimate feeling of being your own boss. A place where you can welcome your customers or clients, and where you can leave your things at the end of the day.

The advantages of your own summer house/workshop?

You are busy every day doing what you like. Working on new plans, client meetings, updating the website, or targeting a new set of clients. It all must be done. A quiet, focused place to do this is vital. A private workspace in the form of a summer house is an ideal solution for an entrepreneur or if you are working from home.

 From your home, without traffic jams, you can get straight to work. As an entrepreneur or freelancer, you plan your own time and have the freedom to do it your own way. With your own garden office, you have your own workspace, you pay no rent, and you can create what you find beautiful and practical, without it needing to be expensive. Wood is always a warm and pleasant material to work with, helping to create the perfect working environment. You can insulate the roof, walls, and floor if you want. You can also equip your workspace or home office with electricity and plumbing so that you have everything you need in one space.

A workspace for every profession

In your own summer house or workspace, you can give all your things their own place. You could create a nice seating area perfect for hosting meetings. Lugarde offers many possibilities for your garden office. A summerhouse or home office with a sliding glass wall will give you a full view of your garden. If you choose folding or sliding doors you will be able to open them in the summer and enjoy the open air. You will work more effectively than in a busy office where there are constant distractions. 

If you are a trades professional and are a real handyman or handywoman, a workspace or garage may be just what is needed. You would be able to give all your tools their own organised place whilst storing them safely thanks to our 3-point locks. You would be able to just turn on the radio and get to work. At Lugarde we offer many possibilities for garages with flat roofs, gable roofs, and various designs possible. You can design it yourself in our 3D Configurator.

A place to escape

The extra workspace provided by a summerhouse can make your life much easy! The beauty of a Lugarde summerhouse is that you can determine the size, position, and layout entirely to your own wishes. You have complete freedom and control.

Are you inspired and would like to design your own summerhouse/workspace? Then why not start your design with our 3D configurator.