How a small garden shed can be grand

A garden shed doesn’t need to be big and it does come in handy for your tools. You can choose from the Prima- Pro- Panel- or Log cabin system and store a lot in a shed, e.g. 2 x 2 metres. Even a small platform for storing your garden chairs and cushions is possible. 

How a small garden shed can be grand

When we come out of winter hibernation and go back into our gardens with the first rays of sunshine, we soon become unstoppable. We all go to garden centers to make our gardens and outdoor spaces beautiful again. A small garden room with side shed is the perfect building to store your tools, fertilizer and wheel barrel. 

A small garden shed keeps your tools in good condition

And if you think you can’t store anything in a small garden shed, think again. A shed doesn’t have to be big, but it is convenient. You can store a lot of things in a shed, e.g. 2 x 2 meters. Especially when you have a small garden it’s more likely you can still add a small garden shed to it. It is an addition to your house, but your lawn and plants will also be very happy with this dry shelter for your tools. My grandfather taught me this early on.


My grandfather taught me that tools should stay clean

If you have been working in the garden it is very important to clean your garden tools. It seems simple, but if you don’t you can contaminate your garden with mould and parasites. I learned the importance of dry storage early on from my grandfather. When he came home from the fields, he would clean his shovel before putting it on a dry place in the shed.

Dry storage is therefore decisive for your garden pleasure. If you can’t give your tools a dry place to stay, they will rust and you will soon be done with gardening. And that, of course, is an expensive business. Use a brush to remove excess sand from your tools and then store them in your small garden shed.And if your tools do get rusty, remove the rust as soon as possible to give them a second life. 

A hanging system in your garden shed provides a good overview

There are hooks, clamps or other useful devices for storing garden tools for every size of garden house, no matter how small. Especially with a small summer house, it comes in very handy to keep things organised. The last thing you need is to enter your shed the next day and trip over shovel and rake. 

There is also room for an attic in a small shed or storage room

No matter how small your garden shed is, there is always room for a small shelf or attic. It doesn’t have to be more than 50-80 cm deep and you can put buckets or garden cushions on it. You can then place bags of potting compost or your lawn mower under it, for example. In this way, you can also have great fun with a small garden shed. Underneath you could place bags with potting soil or your lawn mower. In this way, you utilize your small garden shed to the max.