Bespoke garden buildings

Did you always wanted to design your own bespoke garden buildings, but did you never know where to do it? At Lugarde you can create different bespoke garden buildings with a large garden room to all your wishes and desires. You could make bespoke garden building for different home offices. You could create them for several second living rooms or maybe make them for different man caves. There are many options where you could think of. With our 3D-configurator you could create as many bespoke garden buildings as you would like.

Bespoke garden buildings

Lugarde Summerhouse PR5 is a classic summerhouse with a pyramid roof. It has two double doors, one of which is a folding door. This provides a great amount of daylight which you can quietly enjoy in a covered place. Square summer house

Several options of bespoke garden buildings

You have got several options when you think of bespoke garden buildings. You could use a garden building to serve as a second living room for your children or for your wife and yourself in the summer. You could also use the bespoke garden buildings for a perfect spot for your jacuzzi. The jacuzzi is save for any weather and you could always sit in it. Another option that is very much used these days is bespoke garden building which provide yourself as a home office. You don’t have to drive to your work so you will be very rested, and you could work very effectively. Also, it is proven that employees who work at home, work better than when they are working at the company.


Build your own bespoke garden building

With our 3D-configurator you could build your own bespoke garden buildings. In the configuration you will get help with several easy steps. The first thing you have to do is find your standard begin design. With this design you will start to build your first own summer house. You will get a ground plan and the option to see your summer house in 3D.

When you have picked your template, you have to pick three choices at the second step. Which wall thickness do you want, which corner profiles do you want, and do you want higher walls or not? You could make different own bespoke garden buildings to compare them with each other. You could pick a draw balustrade if you would want something like that. Also, the choice of the roof is one you could compare with different bespoke garden buildings. For an example you pick one with a flat roof and you pick one with a pyramid roof. The third one you have to choose is the different doors and windows. You can pick several of them in your own bespoke garden buildings. You could place single doors, double doors, sliding doors, folding doors or garage doors in you bespoke garden buildings.

The last options are if you want a, internal floor in your summer house and the different paint colours you could choose. Also, insulation and impregnation are one of the final steps of building your own summer house.

Still not convinced? Try to make your own summer house on our site of try to contact us and find out all the possibilities!