Bespoke garden shed

You do not want to buy a ready-made summer house? You want to create your own design? No problem! On the Lugarde website you have access to a free tool with which you can design your own bespoke garden shed! It offers a multitude of possibilities to realise your own idea of how the perfect bespoke garden shed should look.

Bespoke garden shed

Furthermore, with a summer house it is very important that it fits perfectly into your garden. A ready-made building could be too big or just not fit into the spot you intend it for. Everybody uses their summer house in a different way too. Therefore you can create anything from a bespoke garden storage shed or a garden room with shed to a bespoke garden office shed. And by creating your own bespoke design, you can ensure it fits perfectly into the style of your garden and with other features. For example, if your garden follows a specific style or you like to use certain colours, your bespoke garden shed can fit perfectly with that. Furthermore a bespoke garden shed creates a great atmosphere and ensures that none of your neighbours has the same!

Small wooden garden shed with a piramide roof    Small summerhouse with a flat roof 

The various design steps

When creating your bespoke garden shed on the Lugarde website you will follow 6 steps.

  • First, you need to decide whether you want to adapt one of our existing models or use a blank template. One of our ready-made models could be perfect for you but it is also possible that you may want to design your building from scratch. We offer a wide variety of summer houses and log cabin templates so that you can get creative. Once that decision has been made, you choose the wall thickness you would like to have and can add wall boards to create higher walls.
  • Then you choose a roof type. We offer five different roof types, all of which offer different benefits – for example, a flat roof is perfect for EPDM on which you can install a green roof.
  • Next you select the doors for your bespoke summer house. The Configurator offers a choice of single, double, sliding, folding and garage doors. You can install one door or multiple if you need several entrances to your bespoke garden shed.
  • To get the perfect view from your bespoke garden shed you can also choose from a huge variety of windows. The multiple window types and range of frames offer the opportunity to put your own stamp on your bespoke garden shed.
  • Furthermore, you can choose the colour of the building itself and of the doors and windows. These choices can also help to ensure that your bespoke garden building fits perfectly in your garden.
  • In the final step you decide between brass and chrome fittings for the finishing touch. You can also select internal floors, isolation for the walls, add a ladder to reach the upper floor and order paint. Throughout the process you can see the bespoke garden shed you are creating in a fully rotatable 3-D model, giving you a great overview of the building’s finished look. On the left-hand side of the page we also display a floor plan which includes the dimensions of the bespoke building.


After creating your bespoke garden shed

After you have finished your creation you can send it to the Lugarde team. We will contact you and begin creating your design. We will also display a breakdown of all the components used in your bespoke garden shed and the total cost. If you wish to change anything you can return to earlier steps and make alterations. Moreover you can save your creation or share it with family and friends on social media. To ensure that the summerhouse fits perfectly into your garden you will be able to see all the dimensions of your bespoke garden building creating a large garden room.
We can help you with your bespoke garden shed!

We are always happy to help you with creating your bespoke garden shed! You can either send a message directly to us through the green message window that pops up at the bottom of the page or you can click on our menu and select the Help option there – we are always available. Of course, you can also write to us or call us with any questions. All our contact details can be found on our website.

Have we aroused your interest? Then start creating your own bespoke garden shed today! Just take a look at Lugarde’s website and get inspired.