Stow your caravan safely in one of our carports or garages!

Are you in possession of a caravan or a motorhome but you can't put it in your barn or in your garden? In this blog about parking your caravan or motorhome we will tell you all [...]

The trendy Shabby Chic Look in your garden house

Shabby Chic means "shabby chic", but the word shabby is anything but negative. It's rather shabby to let modern pieces look a bit older and more worn out in relation to the [...]

How do you create your own vlogstudio in your garden house?

You have your own summerhouse and want to make an own vlogstudio for your children? It all starts with a garden house but then you must start thinking about the other [...]

Heating possibilities for your log cabin!

In order to enjoy the luxury of being able to use the garden house around the clock even after the summer, it is essential to choose a heating option in the colder months. It [...]

Sedum roofs, a jewel for the eye!

Always wanted a sedum roof and haven't found out exactly what the options are and what to think of? Then read on and find out what you can encounter. Sedum what is it [...]

The garden trends 2019

Like every year, the year 2019 brought forth several special garden trends. As the year slowly draws to the end, we look back on the most beautiful trends and give you some [...]

2. #DIY: Build your own summer house or log cabin

In our #DIY series we give you tips and tricks once every two weeks on the whole process from design to building to maintenance. We give you structured instructions, so that [...]

Wood from Lugarde

One of the most frequently asked questions at Lugarde is about the quality of our wood. We at Lugarde stand for quality products - that's why we attach great importance to the [...]

1. #DIY: Design your own summer house or log cabin

Once every two weeks in our series 'Do It Yourself' - #DIY - we give tips and tricks on the whole process from design to building to maintenance! We explain the meaning and [...]