Need new garden furniture? Take this into account

The end of the summer is unfortunately approaching. An end to the long days where we get to see the sun for a long time. The days get shorter and the evenings and nights [...]

Enjoy a wooden garden room in the garden

Do you sometimes feel like you're running out of space? That you would like to be outside more, but still want to be dry and comfortable? At Lugarde, we have been seeing [...]

A glass garden room with a Lugarde summer house

The other day we talked about the wooden garden room that you can design in your summer house. A possibility to extend your living room to the garden. To enjoy the garden, the [...]

Making a gazebo with Lugarde

A gazebo is becoming more and more popular in the Dutch gardens. We understand that all too well at Lugarde. With a gazebo - detached or attached to the house - you can create [...]

On vacation in your own country & garden

Discover fantastic options to spend the summer Summers in the Netherlands are getting warmer and hotter. Going on vacation in your own country is therefore increasingly [...]

The female version of the mancave. Make your own she shed!

For years, rooms in the house have been converted into mancaves. A space especially for men to relax with friends. We often see men putting in a game console or a bar. But [...]

11 items that are indispensable in your home office

If you have furnished the summer house as a home office, then there are certain things to think about. What are the items that are truly indispensable in the office? Let us [...]

Siberian Larch and Douglas wood, what are the differences?

Let’s not beat about the bush, Lugarde loves wood. That is why we only use premium quality wood. Multiple types of wood can be found in our assortment, Siberian Larch and [...]

What is the best type of garden house to buy? Lugarde is happy to give you some tips!

At Lugarde, we love wood! We make lots of different garden houses from the best wood. It is perfectly possible to customise your own garden house with our 3D configurator. We [...]

Stay at home? Not necessary if you have a garden!

Now that we probably spend a little more time at home, we understand very well that it is difficult to find distraction. But if you have a garden, it is not necessary to stay [...]

A summer house to use as a home office. What should you keep in mind?

Maybe you spend more than an hour in the car every day to get to work? Do you get stuck in traffic as well? This costs you a lot of time every day, and is actually not needed [...]

Siberian Larch, premium quality wood!

At Lugarde, we cannot stress it enough, we love wood. If you opt for a summer house, veranda, log cabin or garage, of course you want to be assured that the best quality wood [...]

Ready for spring! What can you do in the garden in January?

When it comes to sowing flowers, plants and vegetables, everyone immediately thinks of spring or autumn. These are often the moments to sow new flowers and plants. But you can [...]

NEW at Lugarde, the panel system

We are proud to introduce a new building system, the panel system. With this system, assembly is quick and easy. This is because all wall panels are prefabricated in our [...]

Have a party in your own garden house!

You don't have to have a party in your house! A nice advantage of this is that there is no nuisance and clutter in the house. Whether it's a winter barbecue, a cocktail party, [...]

Would you like to set up a play area for the children in your garden house?

Your children have been talking about it for a while and you're a bit done with all the toys in your living room. You would like to have an extra playroom for the children, but [...]

Wood from Lugarde, where does it come from?

Garden houses are becoming more and more popular, you see them often in the garden. There are many different types of garden houses, large, small, a garden house with eight [...]

A fire basket for your summer house, how can you handle this as safely as possible?

A fire basket can very well serve as a patio heater, when it cools down a bit in the evenings. It also creates a cosy atmosphere. Of course, it is important that this is done [...]

A summerhouse, isn’t this a good party location?

YES! With a Lugarde gazebo you have the best location for a party. You can organise a nice party in your own garden, if the weather is nice you can sit or stand under the [...]

The garden house of the future, 5 important trends for 2020!

In one of our past blogs we reviewed the garden trends of 2019. We have been able to observe some of these trends in the development of garden houses in the year that will soon [...]

What is pressure treatment? How does it work and what are the positive effects?

Have you thought about buying a garden house or log cabin for some time? But would you like to have it treated in such a way that the garden house will remain in a very good [...]

Christmas Bakery – Recipe for Spekulatius cookies

Just a few more weeks and Santa Claus will be here so Christmas is not far away. But what would the Christmas season be without the wonderful smells of freshly baked biscuits [...]

The perfect place for your family day!

Is it your turn this year to organise the annual Family Day and don't know where you want to organise it? Have you ever thought about spending the day in your garden house? [...]

Light installations in your garden house!

Now that it's getting dark early outside, you can't do without the optimal lighting in your garden shed. In this blog we will give you some inspiration on how to magically [...]

The 3D-configurator, how does it actually work?

I'm sure you've heard of our 3D configurator before. The question is, how does this configurator work and what can you do with it? The many different possibilities make it [...]

Movie night in your garden house!

It's time for the monthly friends’ night again! One of your friends organizes a nice evening together. This can vary from a night of bowling together to 'just' an evening of [...]

Halloween party in your garden house

It's Halloween coming up again! Creepy costumes and decorations turn October the 31st into a special day for everyone. Our garden houses offer a great location for your scary [...]