Build a cabin, find one at Lugarde or let us develop your bespoke design

If you’re planning to build a new cabin, you need to make sure it will fit all your needs. There are many cabins out there, all with their own specifications. But if you’re looking for a great price to quality ratio and the possibility for customisation or even a completely bespoke design, then look no further. At Lugarde, we offer you everything you need to build a cabin that fits your needs and wishes. You can choose anything from our standard line. But we also give you every opportunity for customisation. Still can’t find the right cabin for you? No problem. When it comes to bespoke designs, you can either use our 3D configurator or send us your drawings and specifications. We’ll help you build the cabin of your dreams.

Lugarde, leading the market for good reasons

Both in the UK and the Netherlands, Lugarde is the market leader. A position we’ve earned through hard work, by being consistent with the high quality we deliver and most of all because we always strive for customer satisfaction. In fact, that’s our main concern. Some of the benefits you can always expect from us are:

  • High quality building systems
  • Free skirting boards for internal floors
  • Specially made drawings for your summerhouse, log cabin or other structure
  • Free delivery to the UK mainland
  • Easy assembly, thanks in part to our simple instructions
  • All fasteners and metalwork is delivered in a handy sports bag
  • 5 yeare guarantee on manufacturing or construction faults logotype - 3D-Konfigurator. logotype - free delivery. logotype - 5 year guarantee.

Build a cabin that suits your dreams

Build yourself a cabin that suits your needs. We all know that a construction like this has to be more than just beautiful, although of course that’s very important. It also has to accomplish the goal that you set out for it. Perhaps you’re looking for a garden shed to put your garden equipment in. Or maybe you’re looking for a special cosy place just for you. A place where you can escape everyday life and simply be yourself for a moment. As stated above, we can deliver a wide range of different cabins.

From a small place to store your garden equipment to a fully fledged summerhouse – you’ll find both in our standard range or as a bespoke design.

So will it be a model customised to your wishes or a design you made yourself? When you’re planning to build a cabin, you’ll find everything you need at Lugarde. A wide range of styles await your approval. Will you choose a Finnish or Swedish style log cabin? Or perhaps something more Norwegian in style? We can offer you a log cabin that mirrors something you would see in a Canadian or American landscape. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll find it here with us.

Lugarde cabin P562 with a flat roof, double door and large windows. Easy to customize with the unique 3d-configurator. Lugarde Summerhouse P5D2 - pyramid roof summerhouse with two entrances. Bespoke design possible. Lugarde Summerhouse P53 with a pyramid roof and metal roof finishing. Build the summerhouse of your dreams with our 3d-configurator.

Why pay extra for a bespoke design?

One of the many benefits you can expect from us is that we don’t charge you extra for a bespoke design. We consider it to be standard. As described above, you can use our 3D configurator to create your perfect cabin. We developed this software in the summer of 2016 to give our customers even more ways to create their own bespoke design. Of course you can still send us your drawings and specifications via the form on our website. Regardless of how you send us your design, you can be confident that we always work in an extremely detailed fashion to ensure a perfect result.

You’ll discover many options with us when you’re planning to build your cabin. For example the doors and windows can be customised to fit your needs. The same can be said about the roofing and the many extras we offer.

Why not let us build your cabin?

Of course you have the option to have your cabin built for you. Simply find your local dealer and ask what’s possible. As with everything else we offer, you can expect to pay a fair price for this service. When you plan to build your cabin there are other aspects that we can take care of. For example, we highly recommend that you treat the timber with the proper paint before assembly. This will ensure that every part of the wood is treated and able to withstand the elements. Alternatively, for a competitive price we can paint the timber for you, ensuring that you can enjoy your cabin for a long time to come.

If you choose to build your cabin yourself, then you can expect extremely us to provide clear and easy-to-follow instructions. It’s also worth noting that our garden products require no nails or screws in their construction.

The finest timber

No matter how beautiful your cabin may be, if it’s not constructed of high quality materials you won’t be able to enjoy it for long. Which is why we only use the finest timber. The wood we use comes from northern countries where the trees grow slower because of the cold. This also means that the resulting timber is extremely strong and durable. You should also be aware that we only use PEFC and FSC certified wood. Our products are built with respect for the environment.

We always treat the timber in our special kilns. This reduces the moisture content to about 14-16%. This means that possible shrinkage of the wood is reduced to a minimum. When you build your cabin with materials like these, success is surely guaranteed. logotype - first class quality wood. logotype - laminated door/window. logotype - veranda floor of Siberian larch wood.

We answer all your questions

We’ve barely scratched the surface of the many possibilities and advantages we can offer you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We are always delighted to help.

On our website you can easily find the dealer closest to you. And of course they will be happy to address any question you may have.

Build your own cabin made by Lugarde and redefine quality as you know it.