Garden buildings

Does the variety of garden buildings available on the market make it hard to choose the right one for your garden? The prices and quality, as well as bespoke design options can differ significantly among manufacturers, which makes it even more difficult to make a decision.

However, when you know what’s what and what your options are, it gets a lot easier to make the decision, right?  What’s the best material for a shed? How much is a small log cabin kit? Why choose a bespoke garden building? These are the questions that all prospective garden building owners want to find the answers to!

For that reason, we have prepared a comprehensive garden building guide, to help you navigate through the world of garden buildings and get your garden ready in time for the summer!

Garden buildings


Bespoke vs. ready-made garden buildings

The main categorization of garden buildings, of course, is the division between summer houseslog cabinsgazebospavilions and wooden garages. The main thing that separates all of the aforementioned timber structures is the building system, which provides the characteristic look for each of these building types – for example, the rustic overlocking corners of log cabins or the octagonal shape of pavilions. However, another important aspect that can help people navigate through the wide range of garden buildings is the division in ready-made or modular and bespoke garden buildings.

People often don’t really have a preference in terms of the building system used for assembling garden buildings, however, the buyers know exactly what they want in terms of functionality and appearance. Therefore, when choosing a summerhouse, a pavilion or any other garden building, you must determine, whether any of the modular timber structures meet your requirements, or if you should opt for a bespoke design.

Is a bespoke garden building better than a modular timber structure in any way? Technically, there are no differences at all. Both types of garden buildings are manufactured in the same factories, using the same quality timber and construction systems. Therefore, it won’t be harder in any way to assemble or maintain a bespoke building. The only difference lies in the unique elements that are embedded in the structure by the person who has designed the building – like size, shape and layout or paint treatment, for example.

Garden buildings & prices

When buying garden buildings, it’s important for customers to understand how the prices are determined – as it is with any other type of product. The price of garden buildings can vary between a few hundreds of pounds for a small storage shed without windows and several thousand for a large luxury log cabin. Depending upon the quality of materials and size of the structure, the price is also influenced by the following: insulation, windows and doors, internal and external flooring, roofing and paint treatment.

Keep in mind that many of the aforementioned options are included in the price already, however, it’s always worth double checking if the doors, windows, locks and paint treatment are of the highest quality.

Another aspect that makes up the price is the quality of timber that’s used for the building. If you want a sturdy log cabin garden studio with the wall thickness of at least 44mm, the price will for sure be higher than if you’re looking for a small storage shed. And, if you want to make sure that the timber parts are of the highest quality, it’s advised to choose kiln-dried spruce wood (approx. 14-16% moisture content) that’s sourced from countries with a cold climate.

Insulated all-year-round garden buildings

Insulation is an important aspect that many prospective garden building owners don’t pay attention to at first. However, it is something that can significantly impact the usage and lifetime of the timber structure. People purchase a garden building either to set up an additional living space or for storage purposes. While in the former case insulation is mandatory to regulate the climate in the structure, people often tend to skip the insulation option for the latter, thinking that it’s not a necessity.

But it’s important to remember that the purpose of a garden building can change over time, therefore, it’s important to make sure you’re investing in a garden building that’s suitable for wall, floor and roof insulation. In fact, it’s advised to insulate the structure upon the assembly, to make the whole process a lot easier.

Besides, high-quality garden buildings are no longer only appropriate for spring and summer months. An insulated log cabin or summerhouse is a perfect all-year-round garden office, guest house or home gym, therefore think twice before you decide to skip the insulation of your large garden room. Keep in mind that an insulated building will last longer, and proper insulation will keep it cool during the summer, while warm and dry in autumn and winter. In addition, an insulated wooden garden building will be more energy efficient and cost-effective.

From simple garden buildings to luxury holiday homes

As mentioned, garden buildings are no longer just small storage sheds for garden tools and furniture. The sturdy construction systems as well as the quality of timber, insulation materials, doors and windows, allow building large multi-room holiday homes that meet all of the modern requirements, including built-in amenities like electricity, drainage and heating. From garden offices or home gyms to pub sheds or bed and breakfast garden building, the quality of timber structures allows to use them both for personal use, as well as starting a business.

The options are endless! In fact, it’s becoming more and more popular to set up a garden office for small or middle-sized enterprises or to build timber holiday homes, because of the healthy and environmentally friendly living environment that a timber structure can offer. Nevertheless, the classic storage sheds also continue to maintain their popularity, because of the extra storage space they can provide.

Did we help you to understand what kind of garden building you’re looking for? If so, take a look at our range of summerhouses, log cabins, gazebos and pavilions or discover our unique 3D-configurator to create a bespoke design!


Why buy a garden building from Lugarde?

Since 1978 Lugarde has been producing top quality summer houses that offer excellent value for money. We have a wide range of wooden summer houses, log cabins, gazebos, pavilions, and carports to suit all budgets and requirements. Lugarde can work with your bespoke design, tastes, and requirements, so anything is possible. Choose from many different colors and sizes to match your style.

What is the advantage of an garden building?

The advantage of a garden building lies in how versatile and functional it is. It serves as a multipurpose space that can be adapted to different needs, such as a home office, gym, studio or storage space. Garden houses increase living space without the need for expensive renovations and offer a peaceful retreat in close proximity to nature, improving the overall quality of life for homeowners.

How is a garden building delivered by Lugarde?

When you get a garden building from Lugarde, we give you all the tools and pieces to build it. We include a guide to help you through the assembly process. You can also find extra help online on our website and YouTube. If you’d rather have experts set it up, you can find them through our local dealers.