Garden gazebo

A garden gazebo in your garden is a way to create your own perfect relaxation space. Protected from the rain and the scorching sun you have your own little place to gather with friends and family members. Your garden furniture is also protected against mould and wood rot due to rain, because it’s placed under the watertight roof of your wooden gazebo.

A wide assortment of premium quality garden gazebos can be found at your local Lugarde dealer. These garden gazebos differ in size, shape and roof type. They can be painted in any colour you wish, either by yourself or by your Lugarde dealer. Your dealer can also do the construction for you in your garden, if you don’t wish to build it yourself. Have a look!

Garden gazebo

Wide selection of garden gazebos

We invite you to take a look at our selection of garden gazebos. You can easily set a filter on our website to show only our garden gazebos, and additional filters for things like size and roof type. A fairly cheap, small gazebo is available for a few thousand pounds. But do you have enough space in your garden and do you like to hold gatherings for a larger group of people? A big Lugarde garden gazebo can comfortably provide shelter for the elements and relaxation for a larger group.

We’ve mentioned the differences in sizes, shapes and roof types. Another notable difference is the choice between gazebos which are open on all sizes and partly closed gazebos. A gazebo with a closed corner provides a larger degree of privacy. Additionally, such gazebos provide better shelter against strong winds. Against the walls on the closed sides it’s a good idea to place your lounge sets, such as you see on the photos on our website. When you sit on a lounge sofa or chair, you won’t feel cold wind at your back. And the cushions won’t get wet when it rains, preventing mould.

With Lugarde gazebos, the ratio of quality compared to price is unparalleled in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, you have the option of bespoke design. Adapt an existing model or create your own design from a basic template. Your garden gazebo will be constructed for you exactly as you have designed it.

Modify a garden gazebo model or design your own model

The spaces our customers have available in their garden differ greatly. We recognize the fact that it’s possible that you like a certain model, but that the size isn’t right for you. Maybe you’d like it a little smaller to fit the available space. Or you have some space left over and would like to fill it completely. It’s also a possibility that you have strong ideas as to how your garden gazebo should look. Maybe you’d like to design a custom model with premium Lugarde materials.

For all these cases, we offer the solution. In 2016, we have made available the 3D-configurator you can find on our website. This free tool can be used on any desktop computer or laptop. Instructions to use this tool are also found on our website. With the 3D-configurator, you can modify the design of our gazebo models and create the perfect large garden room. Making gazebos larger or smaller is easily and quickly done.


You can also start with a basic template and build custom designed garden gazebos. You can freely set your own size, shape, roof type and whether or not it should have walls. The good thing is, we don’t charge extra costs for a bespoke design. You pay for the materials, but you don’t pay extra when you supply a custom design, compared to a standard model.

If you don’t feel like using the 3D-configurator, you can request a free price quote using the bespoke design form. A Lugarde dealer will give you a free price quote.

Your garden gazebo is made of premium materials

What are the advantages of choosing a garden gazebo of Lugarde over a cheap competitor’s model? Aside from our aesthetically pleasing designs, this has a lot to do with the superior quality of our materials and construction. For example, we only make use of premium timber from northern countries. These spruce trees grow slower in the cold climate of these countries. This provides a more solid, denser timber. All of our suppliers are PEFC and FSC certified. They harvest the timber in an environmentally conscious way. For every tree being cut, more than one tree is replanted by Lugarde.

Construction of a garden gazebo is done without nails and screws. Instead, we’ve developed patented corner connections which better allow for natural movement of the wood due to weather conditions. At the same time, these connections provide the same stability as nails and screws do.

Most Lugarde gazebos have flat roofs. These garden gazebos are shipped with a complete EPDM roof kit, with aluminium roof trims. Such a roof has an approximate lifespan of about 50 years. A garden gazebo with a pyramid roof is bundled with bitumen roof shingles, which have a similarly long lifespan.

Optionally, you can order a floor for your gazebo. This floor is made from premium Siberian larch and has an anti-slip surface.

A Lugarde dealer can treat, paint and build your garden gazebo for you

At Lugarde, you can decide how involved you want to be with building a garden structure. If you wish, you can treat and paint the wood yourself. We can provide you with weather-resistant paint in any colour you wish. If you choose to buy paint elsewhere, please take caution to purchase paint with a sufficiently protective quality. We also advise to paint the timber before constructing the wooden garden gazebo. Otherwise you won’t be able to paint all the surface areas of the wood.

Lugarde dealer can also do the painting for you. You can get a free price quote for what it will cost you. Our dealers offer painting and construction work at attractive prices. This also means they can construct the gazebo in your yard. Most of the time, they will be able to do this within a single day. You will quickly benefit from all the advantages of a perfectly-built gazebo in your garden.

What we offer you

  • Wide range of garden gazebos to choose from
  • Various shapes, sizes and roof types
  • Completely open or partially closed wooden gazebos
  • Easily modify a wooden gazebo model using our 3D-configurator
  • Design your own model using the 3D-configurator or the bespoke design form
  • No extra charge for bespoke design
  • Materials of the highest quality
  • Environmentally friendly, durable timber
  • Delivery is free of charge
  • Do the painting and construction yourself or let a Lugarde dealer help you

With a Lugarde gazebo you will benefit from an oasis of relaxation in your garden for countless years.