Garden office

When people are looking for a garden office, timber structures such as log cabins and summer houses are often selected to serve as outdoor home office spaces. At Lugarde you can find the most beautiful garden offices.

Garden office

Looking for some advice or inspiration for your garden home office? Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of both bespoke and ready-made garden buildings, as well as recommendations on how to choose an outdoor office for your garden!

Do you want a home office for the garden? Lugarde has the best outdoor offices! 

Bespoke garden offices

Meanwhile, if you feel that the easiest option isn’t really for you and a bespoke wooden office seems more suitable, don’t be afraid to go for it! Bespoke garden office buildings are no longer a luxury with an almost unbearable price tag.

The best suppliers and manufacturers offer convenient and easy-to-use online configurators that allow you to create your desired office in the garden at home. Setting up an insulated garden office in your garden isn’t just a project, but a project that will refresh the overall look of the garden.

In fact, bespoke garden home offices are much more similar to ready-made ones than you might think! And that is truly the main advantage of bespoke insulated outbuildings.

Most of the offices in the garden are insulated. Your own design and layout is turned into a high-quality outside office that’s easy to assemble and maintain. Most manufacturers use the same construction systems for both bespoke and ready-made buildings. 

Whether you’re opting for a luxury model or something more standard, a wooden office is a long-term investment. Therefore it’s worth considering if a bespoke option might make your life easier in the future.

A bespoke multi-room office in the garden can be easily adapted for various businesses as well as other needs. For example, if your career takes a new direction, the structure could be turned into a timber garden office or a guest room.

Therefore, think ahead and consider adding a canopy or an extra room!

Another thing that makes people favour bespoke designs is the versatility and unlimited choices they provide. Including the size of the structure (large or small), the roofing material, the thickness of the walls and the position of the windows. In fact, bespoke garden office buildings don’t have any disadvantages – if there’s an aspect you’re not sure about, feel free to redesign it!

Modular ready-made wooden offices

Modular ready-made insulated garden offices are very popular among remote workers and new entrepreneurs. Simply because they are the most convenient and cost-effective way of setting up an garden home office!

The vast range of standard and luxury timber structures offered by various suppliers provides everyone with the chance to find a design that suits their needs and taste. Starting from a garden office small that’s suitable for one or two people, to luxury log cabins perfect for small to medium-sized enterprises. In addition, modular insulated garden offices are usually designed in a way that allows prospective owners to avoid applying for planning permission. For example, by rarely exceeding the maximum height of 250 cm. 

What are the pros and cons of modular ready-made offices in the garden? First and foremost, they are easy to assemble, maintain and adjust to the intended use. Even more importantly, if you opt for a ready-made option, you won’t have to worry about the overall design and how it will blend in with the surrounding area. As insulated outbuildings manufacturers offer both modern and classic style timber buildings in a variety of sizes (both tiny and spacious), that will look amazing in any garden.

All you’ll need to know to find the right modular timber office for your garden is the required size and your preferred shape. As well as the overall design that would best suit your garden!

Outdoor office ideas

Regardless of which option you choose, the options are unlimited for both bespoke and modular outdoor offices. And the only thing that limits the full usage of the luxury office space is your imagination. To make the most of your office space, you should carefully plan the layout, the interior and the exterior of the building. Outdoor home offices from Lugarde are always a good idea!

Luxury garden offices

One trend that’s becoming more and more popular for office spaces is to combine the workspace with a relaxation area. A luxury garden office small offers many opportunities for this . First of all, you could have a whole room dedicated to this purpose. And, if you wanted, you could even combine it with a kitchen area that’s equipped with a microwave and a coffee machine.

Furthermore, if your garden space allows it, you could set up a lounge area under a canopy or on the lawn next to your office.

Interior design has a crucial impact on the atmosphere in the outdoor home office and the productivity of your employees. And a timber log cabin or any other timber structure can help with this. Think of it as a blank canvas which you can turn into a modern Scandinavian garden office building, a cool industrial space, a beautiful contemporary interior or anything else, really.

For a truly modern home office, don’t forget to incorporate technology – for example, you could set up solar panels for electricity, as well as using various smart-home solutions.

Can a luxury garden office change your career? We definitely believe so! Working from home has never been so pleasant. If you’re still in search for the best garden building, discover the log cabin and summer house range at Lugarde.

Frequently Asked Questions

The advantage of a garden office is the flexibility it offers for work and relaxation. It provides a separate, quiet space away from the distractions of the main house, enhancing productivity and creativity.

Additionally, it allows individuals to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while working comfortably indoors.

Absolutely! Garden offices are becoming more popular over time. With more and more people working remotely or pursuing hobbies requiring dedicated space, garden offices offer a practical and stylish solution, making them a desired product for modern living.

Need help finding your ideal garden office? We provide you all the support you need!.

With over 40 years of industry expertise, Lugarde ensures the finest quality, precisely tailored to meet your specifications. With Lugarde you can experience the best quality garden offices, get advice and receive a personal offer that fully meets your personal wishes and needs.

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