Bespoke garden office

Are you working at a place far away from your house and are you getting bored of driving so far to your work every day? Did you know you could create your own bespoke garden home office in your summer house or log cabin? There are plenty of possibilities you could think of and you can create your own perfect large garden room to work in. Your own bespoke garden office in your own garden. Read one and check all the advantages.

Bespoke garden office

The advantages of your own bespoke garden office

There are many advantages of your own bespoke garden office in your garden. Think of all the kilometres you have to drive to your work, you are at your own house so your thinking of the environment as well. Or think of the hours you will work efficiently, when you have to drive one hour or maybe even two.

Your focus will be gone after a while. When you don’t have to drive your focus will be there immediately. Also, it is proven that when you are working at home your focus is better then on your work so you will deliver better work for your boss.

Also, it is proven that you will get better rest when you work at your own garden office. Try to build your own bespoke garden office design with our 3D-configurator.  

Your own custom garden office with our 3D-configurator

Did you know you could build your own curstom garden office with our newest innovation the 3D-configurator? The 3D-configurator helps you to build you own bespoke garden office to all your wishes and needs. It will help you with several easy steps to take you to the perfect design. We will explain in a few easy steps how our configurator works.

The first thing you have to do is to find your first design or template where you going to work with. It is often a standard design you will starting your configuration with. The second steps are the wall thickness, corner profile and to higher your walls. You could choose between a wall thickness of 44 mm or 68 mm. the choices for your corner profile are diamond cut logs or straight cut logs. You could choose to higher your walls this isn’t necessary. The third step is the kind of roof you want. You could think of a flat roof, a pyramid rood or maybe an apex roof. Also, you get to choose the roof degrees. Because you can see the 3D design next to your ground plan the choices you make are very clear.

The next steps you have to make are the kind of doors and windows you want in your own bespoke garden office. Also, you get to choose the different colours and if you want an internal floor. In the end you see all your chosen options and how your own bespoke garden office looks.

Still doubting? Contact us or look at our site and see all the opportunities to build your own custom garden office!