Corner garden office

A corner garden office is a smart space-saving choice. It fits neatly into a corner area you might not use otherwise, letting you make the most of your outdoor space. Having a separate office away from the main house is great for avoiding distractions when you need to concentrate on work, studying, or hobbies.

Corner garden office

Designing your garden office

Corner garden offices often have unique, eye-catching designs like an L-shape or octagonal structure. Being surrounded by nature in your garden creates a peaceful, relaxing environment to boost your productivity and creativity.

Plus, a garden office expands your living area – you can use it for guests, hobbies, working out, and more beyond just an office. With some clever design, a corner garden office maximizes your space while connecting you to the outdoors.

Advantages of an office in a summer house

The advantages of an office in a summer house lie on how functional you make them to be. The can  serves as  multipurpose space that can be adapted to different needs, such as a home office, gym, studio or storage space.

Garden houses increase living space without the need for expensive renovations and offer a peaceful retreat in close proximity to nature, improving the overall quality of life for homeowners.

Home office: a separate work environment

Having a dedicated office space separate from the main home provides a distraction-free environment for remote work, studying, or hobbies that require concentration. That is why it is so important to think about isolating your corner garden office, and thinking about future damage prevention.

What is a bespoke corner garden office?

With a bespoke garden office you can customise your office and make it from scratch to meet the specifications of the space you want to design. Due to 40 years of experience, Lugarde is an expert in the job. Lugarde offers high-quality wooden summer houses, also available with panel systems for summer houses, who meet your requirements. Besides the large number of custom-made home offices, Lugarde also has an extensive range of log cabins, gazebos, pavilions, garages, and carports.

All these products are made of first-class spruce wood, you can read more about our wood on the website. If you are curious about the possibilities for your dream outdoor garden office, take a look at our website right now!

With our 3D configurator, you can design your dream home office. Whether you choose a rectangular wooden summer house or a square wooden  summer house, there are many ways to personalise it.