Insulated garden office  

An insulated garden office offers improved comfort, durability and protection to your workspace. When you hear the term “insulated" it means that the structure has been provided with insulation, a material used to prevent heat, sound, or electricity from passing from one side of the material to the other.  

Insulated garden office  

Choosing an insulated garden office can be beneficial to regulate temperature, create an energy efficient office, it also helps with sound proofing, and control humidity levels inside your offer, and of course, adding increased durability to the garden office.

Insulation helps to keep a comfortable temperature inside the office

Insulating your garden shed will allow it to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. This creates a more pleasant working environment year-round. A bespoke garden office can be perfectly built in a shed, wooden structured are flexible in construction and with easy instructions for assembly.

An insulated garden offices sheds are becoming increasingly popular. They are easy to build and offer more energy efficient as they require less heating in winter and less cooling in summer compared to non insulated structures.

This can lead to cost savings on energy bills in the long term.

A fully insulated garden office can also help reduce noise transmission

Creating a quieter space for concentration and productivity, especially if the home office is in a noisy environment, or if you live near the highway.

Additionally, a fully insulated garden office shed helps to control humidity levels inside the office, reducing the risk of damage to electronic equipment, furniture, and other items stored within the space.

Saving on construction budget

Buildig an office in a summer house is a smart way to save on the construction budget, while still ensuring to have a cozy, warm and protected stucture. Overall, choosing an insulated garden office offers improved comfort, energy efficiency, durability, and protection for both occupants and equipment, making it a worthwhile investment for those looking to create a functional workspace in their garden.

If your summerhouse is protected against the sun, wind, and rain, you will be able to enjoy it for a very long time. For effective protection, you must treat the summerhouse inside and out, preferably before it is assembled. It will then be protected against the elements.

You can treat your summerhouse yourself or let us do it for you. The lifespan of your summerhouse, log cabin or bespoke garden office depends on proper maintenance. Check your summerhouse/log cabin annually (for cracks/unevennesses) and ensure proper and regular maintenance. Keep in mind that our summerhouses, log cabins, and gazebos are supplied untreated unless you stipulate otherwise. 

Have you questions regarding the insulation, installation or delivery process? Contact your nearest Lugarde dealer. They will be happy to assist you, and help you make an informed decision on your next garden office project.