Garden room with side shed

Looking for a summerhouse that includes a side shed or canopy for storing all your garden furniture and tools? Lugarde garden rooms with shed or canopy are designed to combine the best of both storage and leisure! High-quality timber and innovative manufacturing systems allow us to offer outstanding products in a variety of designs and sizes, as well as to fulfil customer’s individual needs. From classic and contemporary standard summerhouse models to fully bespoke designs, at Lugarde everyone can find a garden building that will enhance their outdoor space!

Would you like to find out how a garden room with shed can be useful for your household? Keep reading the article and browse the full range of our products for inspiration! Lugarde has the best garden rooms for sale!

Garden room with side shed

Quality meets innovation

Whether you choose a classic garden room with side shed or a modern garden room shed, the timber structure must be contemporary in terms of quality and innovation. And this is exactly what Lugarde has worked on for years – to create high-quality garden rooms shed that provide comfort, functionality and aesthetics both for storage and leisure needs. The spruce wood used for our products is sourced from countries with cold climates, where the wood grows to be more stable and durable.

The timber is kiln-dried to approx. 14-16% moisture content to reduce wood shrinkage. To embed the best properties of timber into garden rooms with shed, Lugarde has developed building systems that create stable and sturdy structures with corner connections that provide outstanding wind and water resistance. What’s more, our patented summerhouse building systems “Pro-system” and “Prima system” allows designing garden buildings in various shapes and sizes that are easy to assemble for everyone.

Which building construction do you want for your summer house with canopy? Lugarde has the most beautiful garden room with side attached for sale!

A summer house with canopy for everyone’s needs

Are you looking for a corner garden room with side shed or a classic garden room and shed design? Have you thought about the right size that would fit your garden? When choosing a timber structure to maximize both the storage and living space, every inch counts! Therefore, it’s not only important to find a garden shed with side canopy that has the right living and storage space ratio, but also the right shape and size for your garden.

At Lugarde, you can find a wide variety of summerhouses with side shed- from compact corner summerhouses that measure as low as 180 x 360 to spacious timber structures with a shed and attached side shed, measuring 960 x 360.

Moreover, if you want to find something extra special for both storage and leisure, discover our designs with glass sliding walls or garden shed with side canopy.

Design your own garden room with shed

Would you like to create your own design for a garden room shed from scratch? Maybe you’re looking for specific measurements, to make sure that the shed with side shelter fits your garden perfectly? Whether you’re in search of a compact garden room and shed or an extra spacious model, it has to provide you with everything you are looking for in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Lugarde’s bespoke design option can help you to combine everything you need in a single timber structure – starting from the right shape and size for your garden to the size and design of the storage shed and the adjoining living area.

With a bespoke design option, you can go even further, tailoring even the smallest details to your needs, for example, choosing fewer windows for the storage area, while adding large windows and glass sliding walls to make the relaxation area light and airy! Besides, our unique 3D-configurator allows customizing even the smallest detail, including the style of window and door hardware, as well as the internal and veranda floor! Design your own shed with canopy with our 3D-configurator. 

Corner garden room without planning permission

Do you want to erect a shed with canopy on your property without applying for planning permission? There are certain limits and conditions that have to be met in order to build a shed with side shelter without planning permission in the United Kingdom. However, at Lugarde we have developed a wide range of standard models that won’t require a building permit. Browse our range of summerhouses with a side shed and look for models with a low roof – ≤ 250 cm – all of these models are designed to fit into the low-roof garden building category (up to 250 cm in height), that can be built without planning permission!

Have you found a design of a garden room with shed attached that you’d like to assemble in your garden? Or are you thinking about trying out our 3D configurator? At Lugarde the options are endless – discover our range of summerhouses and find the perfect match for your garden!

Frequently Asked Questions

A garden room with a side shed from Lugarde is typically delivered as a ready to install kit, which means it is not assembled but comes with all the necessary components and instructions for easy DIY assembly. While it’s not delivered fully ready-made, the kit simplifies the installation process and ensures that all parts are included. Additionally, you can contact a Lugarde dealer to ensure seamless installation. 

Lugarde offers a diverse selection of roof shapes for your summerhouse, log cabin, gazebo, garage, or carport. We provide an extensive range of roofing options, including apex, flat, pent, pyramid, and asymmetric designs.When it comes to roofing shingles, you can choose from five different colours: black, red, green, brown or blue. Roof shingles are included in the price.

A garden room with shed is multifunctional and offers both a comfortable living or working space and extra storage for garden tools, equipment or bicycles. Lugarde ensures hassle-free delivery and assembly of their garden rooms with storage. They come as ready-to-assemble kits, making assembly simple and easy. Detailed instructions are included, and a professional installation service is available if needed. Have questions regarding the installation process? Contact your nearest lugarde dealer.