Insulated garden room

Do you like to enjoy your garden room all year round? Then think about isolating your garden room, Lugarde offers a range of suitable insulation systems. Besides the fact you can use it all year round, isolation also provides the benefit of protecting objects in the garden room against the freezing cold. An insulated garden room is a way to enjoy your dream investment for every season.

Insulated garden room

Sorts of insulated garden rooms

There are all sorts of wooden garden rooms that can be insulated. Summer houses and log cabins are products to which insulation is often applied to. Also if you like to have a garden office or a home gym, it would be extremely suitable to isolate them. An insulated garden room not only benefits the room by keeping the warm air within the confines, it also keeps cold air out. So you don’t have to set the thermometer really high. This not only saves money but also makes a positive contribution to nature.

You may look for an insulated corner garden room and not a square or rectangular one. That is no problem at all, it is all possible at Lugarde. Lugarde offers many different corner garden rooms, which of course can be insulated.

Insulated garden rooms UK

Insulated garden rooms become more and more popular in the UK. Many adults like to take their elderly parents in. This to be able to take care of them or have them close by. A care home is often built in the garden to serve as a home for elderly partners. Lugarde ships insulated garden rooms to the UK. You can order such a home via one of our dealers.

Fully insulated garden rooms

At Lugarde you can choose out of 3 isolation options. You can choose a single one, but you can also combine different isolation types.

The first isolation option is roof isolation. This can be easily installed, it is waterproof and it is made of environmentally-friendly material. Roof isolation traps the rising warm air within its confines.
The second isolation option is floor isolation. This consist of thermal plates 4 cm thick and are placed between the pressure-treated floor beams. It provides optimal insulation, keeping the floor warm rather than freezing.

The third isolation option is wall isolation. This top-quality insulation is 3cm thick and has a damp-proof foil.

All Lugarde products with windows or glass doors come with standard high quality double glazed sealed units. This also contributes extra to the insulation of your garden room.

Buy now at one of our dealers

Lugarde has over 40+ experience with designing and producing garden rooms. Let your elderly parents or yourself within your own garden office be warm and comfortable. Via one of our dealers, you can buy now an insulated garden room.