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Large garden room

Do you have a large garden and need to fill a large area? A large garden room would be the perfect fit. Here at Lugarde, we offer a wide range of large garden buildings. A large garden room can be used for all sorts of purposes and so suits any lifestyle, check it out now!

Large garden room

The bigger the better

You like to have a large garden office, which provides you with a lot of space. This space can then be used for all sorts of purposes, for example, an indoor pool, jacuzzi, office, relaxation area, etc. Many people prefer to have a large garden room uk with big windows, to create an open space.

This can easily be done with our 3D-configurator, it makes it possible to design the product to your likings. When you like to have an apex roof or a flat room, it is all possible. You can completely bespeak your large garden room uk to the dimensions of your garden.

Large garden buildings

If you like to invest in sustainability and durability, then you have come to the right address. All Lugarde garden rooms are made of wood and no plastic foundation beams are provided. Lugarde cares about its environment and so Lugarde plants for every cut-down tree 1.2 trees back.

The wood we use is strong and sustainable, due to its slow growth you invest in durability. So large garden rooms are the daily business of Lugarde. 

Large garden rooms uk

Throughout the UK there are many dealers of ours who sell large garden rooms. Even on some of the Islands dealers are located. You may want to use the garden room as a large garden office, but it could also be used as a tea room or even as a living space.

Maybe you like to start a B&B, but you don’t like strangers in your house. A large garden room would be a great solution, it gives you and your visitors privacy and you can still serve them with a lovely breakfast.

Unique feature

A new feature in the Lugarde 3D-configurator is the augmented reality button. This option brings your design to life. When pressing the button it will convert your design into a virtual image, this will be presented in your garden.

Your image of reality will be shown to scale and you can even look through the windows or walk inside! Check this great tool out on our website and see if your design is what you wish for!

Why Lugarde?

Lugarde has over 40+ years of experience in large garden rooms uk, not just designing them also producing them. We offer standard benefits to all customers, such as high quality double glazed doors and windows.

Also, 5 years guarantee on manufacturing or construction faults. Look now for inspiration in our brochure or visit one of our dealers.