Luxury garden room

Are you looking for the best and nothing less? Here at Lugarde, we deliver “simply the best”. You don’t want your luxury garden room to look luxe, it also has to feel luxe. Here at Lugarde, we offer different luxury garden rooms for sale. Read on to find out what these rooms can bring extra to your garden.

Luxury garden room

A Lugarde garden room

A luxury garden room often has sliding glass doors, to let the sun in. A jacuzzi is also very popular in a garden room. Furthermore, the inside is often furnished with a pool table or bar to spend the weekend. Often art or old family pieces are exhibited in a luxe garden room.

The room is often used by people to feel comfortable, free and relaxed. Having a little area where you can withdraw from the outside world, is often very good for people’s mental health. At the luxury garden room, you design a pond around it or a big outside terrace.

Here you can spend late evenings with friends.

Luxury garden rooms

Luxury is not just about going bigger, it is also about detail and quality. When having a lot of space in your garden and money to buy a luxury garden room, why not. You will not only invest in luxury and comfort, but you also invest in added value to the house. More and more people look for a big garden, a detached house, and a quiet surrounding. This all supports the factor of luxury, but also the mindset of people about life.

As said, luxury is also about detail and quality. Lugarde distinguishes itself from others, by producing its products with first-quality wood. This makes luxury garden rooms durable, strong and gives them a modern look. Also, (colour) treatment promotes the protection of the garden room.

At Lugarde we have 3 sorts of treatment. Pressure treatment assures the longest durability, but spray treatment and staining do also do a fabulous job.

Unique Lugarde

Lugarde does not only offer quality, it also benefits the customers with standard features. All doors and windows in a luxury garden room come with high quality double glazed sealed units.

Also, roof shingles are standard on all pyramids and apex roofs. When you like to have an internal floor, the skirting boards will be free. These are just a few benefits, click the link if you like to know more about the standard features.

Buy now

Buy now your luxury garden room! Our dealers can advise you and help you out with the 3D-configurator, to design the perfect luxe garden room. If you still have doubts, take a look at our brochure. Get inspiration to invest in such a luxury product that you will enjoy for many years to come.