Small garden room

Discover some of the smallest garden room models on the market. The reason why you want a small garden room can be anything. Lugarde offers a large range of small garden rooms for sale, so take a look and find the perfect garden room.

Small garden room

Small, tiny, mini garden rooms

A small garden room is not just for small gardens, no it can also be of use in big gardens. The garden room can serve as storage and you can keep the rest of your garden free for other purposes. For tinier gardens, it is more obvious to look for a small garden room. You need to make smart use of your space.

A garden room can be used in such a way you can use it all year round. Think about a single person garden office or as a storage place for garden tools. Tiny garden rooms can also be turned into a home gym, hot tube, playroom, flower room, bar or art studio. Furthermore, if your garden is very much exposed to the sun, then a small garden room can create a nice shaded area.

Small garden rooms in the UK

Garden space is a scarce commodity in the UK. Houses are often designed with limited garden dimensions. Yet a small garden room is a great way to increase your home space and make the most of your garden year-round, even in the tiniest of gardens.

If you are interested in a small garden room in the UK, go visit one of our dealers. They can advise you and help you out with our 3D-configurator.

Invest in comfort

Isolate your small garden room, to enjoy it throughout the year. Lugarde offers 3 kinds of insulation types, you can use them all 3 or pick just a single one. The first type of insulation is floor insulation, consider insulating garage floors, as they can lose a lot of heat because it is above unheated areas.

The second type of insulation is wall insulation, it helps to maintain the ideal temperature in the garden room and shields it from cold in winter. The third insulation type is roof insulation, this is very important to avoid heat loss, which results in massive savings in energy costs.

All insulation types together are also useful for reducing noise pollution. A well-insulated house is also particularly energy-efficient and requires little supplementary heating or cooling.

Make it your own

Whatever your motivation is for preferring a garden room, your design will be a classy and useful addition to your home and lifestyle. Design your summerhouse now with our 3D-configurator and let it come to life with our augmented reality button in your garden.