Garden shed door types for our summerhouses, log cabins and garages

A garden shed door can be of a range of types. When you buy a Lugarde garden shed, you can be sure that the door is made of premium wood. We don’t compromise on the quality of our materials. The garden shed door is extremely solid and can be closed with a sturdy 3-point lock. If the door contains windows, these windows are double glazed for strength and good insulation.

A garden shed door of your choice

Lugarde offers a broad variety of garden sheds, ranging from summerhouses and log cabins to garages with or without a carport. And as you can imagine, these various types of sheds can have different types of doors. The garages we make often have large double doors you can easily open to park your car. Or electronically opened rolling doors. A summerhouse will have smaller doors, which can be either single or double.

A summerhouse or log cabin will have a garden shed door with windows, making it easy to look in or out. Garage doors often don’t have windows. In all cases, the construction quality of the doors is very solid.

Lugarde garden shed SP44b with two single doors made of premium wood. Lugarde garden shed P43 with double front door with paneled windows. Lugarde garden shed PR15 with a sliding glass door with sprung door handles in chrome.

Choose your own garden shed door for a bespoke garden shed

Are you looking for a specific type of door? Lugarde offers the possibility to design a bespoke garden shed, which you can easily place in your garden. Our 3D configurator allows you to choose whichever door you prefer from our complete selection of doors. This enables you to choose the perfect door in terms of both appearance and functionality. With our varied selection of doors you’re sure to be able to find the ideal door.

Lugarde flat roof garden shed PR42 from Prima system range with folding doors. Lugarde garden shed PS3 with sliding glass walls and flat roof. Classic Lugarde garden shed PR5 with a pyramid roof, double door and a folding door.

Lugarde is the market leader for garden sheds in the Netherlands and the UK. Find your perfect shed with the door of your choice, at the optimal price-quality ratio.