A beautiful garden is a dream for every homeowner. It is your resting spot, a place where you entertain guests and behold the beauty of nature. Keeping your garden in order and well-arranged requires proper organization and storage space. Garden storage is crucial in ensuring an organized environment.

Garden storage buildings, which are often overseen, play an essential role in maintaining a neat and functional garden outdoor space. Not only do these structures provide shelter for your garden tools, they also embellish the look and feel of your garden.

How to protect your garden storage unit from the weather? 

One of the prime challenges of outdoor storage is the exposure to various weather conditions. An outdoor garden storage unit needs to withstand rain, snow, heat, and humidity. Without adequate protection, our stored items may get damaged or deteriorate over time. 

For this, if your outdoor garden storage shed is protected against the sun, wind, and rain, you will be able to enjoy it for a very long time. For effective protection, you must treat the outdoor garden storage unit on the inside and out, preferably before it is assembled. It will then be protected against the elements. You can treat your building yourself or let us do it for you. The lifespan of your storage unit, summer house or log cabin depends on proper maintenance. Check your summer house with storage annually (for cracks/unevenness) and ensure proper and regular maintenance. 

As considered before, we recommend that the timber is impregnated with appropriate treatment. This should then be covered with opaque or transparent paint. We recommend paint that is moisture-regulating, durable, elastic, and breaths. It should also offer adequate UV protection. Never use varnish or clear stain on the outside. Our paint meets all the requirements for effectively treating your summerhouse. All pain order can be made through our broad dealer network available on our website. Simply enter your zip code and find your nearest dealer

Keeping your garden organized with outdoor storage 

An organized outdoor space is operational and looks good. Therefore, having everything where it belongs means that we do not waste time seeking gardening tools or other equipment. This factor enables us to spend even more time outside since all the items are quickly accessible. Furthermore, creating multifunctional garden spaces is also a possibility for us. You can create a relaxing space that includes a side garden shed. Look at our summer houses with storage for more inspiration on this topic. You can create spaces like a garden bike storage, a lawn mower storage or even a garden tool storage unit. It all depends on the purpose you give to your storage space. 

I am ready to choose a garden storage unit. What’s next? 

If you need assistance during the purchase process or building process, please contact your nearest Lugarde dealer. They are ready to take on any questions you may have about preparing your garden, or help you determine a specific budget for the building process. Get in touch today! 

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