Exposure to the elements can accelerate the wear and tear of garden tools, reducing their effectiveness over time. A small garden storage room for tools provides protection from rain, sun, wind and frost, extending the life of the tools and maintaining functionality. By housing tools in a weatherproof enclosure, gardeners ensure that their investment lasts season after season.

Although, working on your garden can provide a great amount of gratification, keeping it tidy can be sometimes challenging. To be able to maintain a garden in optimal conditions, we resort to the use various gardening tools that vary in shape and form. With a small garden tool shed, you can make sure that your tools remain protected, and accessible. 


How to build a small garden tool shed? 


Planning ahead is an essential part of building a small outdoor garden tool storage room. A garden shed can be easily built, as long as the designated space is suitable to allow a 100% flat base,  workable space around the desired shed is also preferrable. You can build a small garden storage shed with natural materials like wood.  At Lugarde, we do our best to build summer houses that are easy to install by anyone (DIY), but we also provide you with the option to partner with our wide dealer network, and find an expert that can take over the installation process, and ensure great results. 


What types of small garden tool shed  are available?


Lugarde offers a wide variety of options when deciding the exact building. Among the options you have summer houses with storage that can be used for multiple purposes. On one side you could relax and enjoy the weather, and on the other side, you can build a small outdoor garden tool storage room. One of the most common structures for storage, is the lawn mower storage room. Being a big tool, this special item requires good care and a particularly dry environment. A summer house with storage room is a popular option to keep such tools safe. The classical square storage shed is also available, with it’s all time practicality and affordable prices, this is always a good option to choose from as well. 

Building a storage room can be very versatile, the ability to create a suitable space depends on factors like the size of your garden, the purpose of your storage space; think about a hobby room, a tool storage shed, a place to keep your seasonal furniture, or even a fully equipped gym, the options and flexibility of design are many. 

Design your own garden storage room!

Discover our 3D-configurator, designed exclusively to allow you to create all kind of spaces for your garden, by using an example as inspiration. Do you need help designing your space or using the configurator? Contact us today!