Granny annexe

If you are looking for a granny annexe, do not look further! Here at Lugarde, we offer you this option. Maybe because of illness, loneliness, or safety you like to have your granny close by. Not just your granny can be hosted in a Lugarde summer house or log cabin also both grandparents can live here.

Granny annexe

Granny annexes in the UK

In other countries, citizens often bring caregivers to the grandparent’s home or send the grandparents to a nursing home, in the UK it is done differently. They often bring the grandparents to their son’s or daughter’s house, to make sure their beloved parents do not have to go to the nursing home. This is why the granny annexe in the garden was brought to life, this is not considered odd.

As said your grandfather or -mother could be ill and needs nursing. This could be done by a caretaker in the nursing home, but the son(s) and/or daughter(s) often do not want to abandon their parents and instead take care of them, as they did for them back in the days. When you install a garden annex in the garden, you can regularly visit your mother or father during the day and check upon them.

Red log cabin 

How to get a garden granny annexe? That is simple, order a summer house or log cabin for your grandparents to live in. At Lugarde we have a wide range of bespoke summer houses or log cabins. You can design the Lugarde product for your own needs with the 3D configurator.

When the granny, grandpa, or grandparents move out of their old home and move into their new home. It may take some time for them to feel at home again. But eventually, we hope to solve the issue that causes them to move, through a granny annex in the garden.

Granny annexe ideas

Which possibilities are there for granny annexe buildings, you may ask? All products Lugarde offers are wooden granny annexes. All granny annexe buildings have a timber frame. We recommend the log cabin granny annexe to serve as home. Also, a summer house is very suitable for a home. See our catalogue for more inspiration around summer houses and log cabins to serve as a granny annexe.

Granny annexe prices

You may be thinking what are the costs of building a granny annexe? The answer is: it depends! Depending on several components, such as how big will the building be and do you want a standard or a customized summer house. What is the budget and do you need special features, such as a storage room or treatments for the wood?

Take a look at our website to estimate what a granny annexe costs. Lugarde does not offer granny annexes for sale, but does offer high-quality affordable products. It may be expensive at first, but the building will last for years when you maintain it well.

Optimal granny annexe

I can see you thinking, a summerhouse is often used as a storage place, not for a home to live in, how is this possible? True, but summerhouses are multifunctional! For every season in the year, it is useful and so you can easily design it to be a home.

You can design a bespoke summer house/log cabin with the 3D configurator. You can design the Lugarde product like this with a little open area to it. This way you can enjoy an afternoon cup of tea with grandma and/or grandpa or have dinner over at the wooden granny annex.


Make sure when ordering a Lugarde product, for your granny to live in, that you isolate the building. Just like treating the wood against weather influences. Pressure treatment has the longest durability to optimal protect the timber.

Lugarde offers granny annexes

Lugarde has over 40 years of experience with summer houses, log cabins, verandas, and more. Lugarde offers high-quality wood for its products, these are made of first-class spruce wood. Lugarde is an expert in this field and is just ‘simply the best”. Take a look at our website, with your granny, and decide how you want your future to look like. If you have any questions, please contact us!