Delivery information

You have chosen a Lugarde garden shed, log cabin or canopy, but want to know more about the exact ordering process before placing your order? Here you will find the steps concerning the delivery of your summerhouse.

Delivery information

Our partner

Our garden houses are delivered by Bos Dynamics, based in Zutphen, the Netherlands. Our long-standing partner stands for high delivery reliability, flexibility and sustainability.

Delivery costs 

As fuel prices fluctuate greatly at present, we are unable to quote delivery costs here.
You can see the current prices in our 3D configurator when you enter your data at the end of your design.

Delivery time and duration

Due to the very high demand, the current delivery time is on request. Your order will be manufactured individually. In times of particularly high demand, the delivery period may be extended by a few weeks. Please bear in mind the peak season from April to September.

The access road must be passable for a larger truck (40 t). In most cases, this is an articulated lorry with semi-trailer/semitrailer. Such a vehicle is about 20 metres long. The driver needs space for turning and a larger parking area for unloading the goods. An alternative unloading area in the immediate vicinity (100 – maximum 200 metres) can also be provided thanks to the forklift truck. Are you in doubt whether your delivery address is easily accessible? Then be sure to discuss the delivery situation at your location in advance with one of the forwarding agent’s helpful employees.

Deliveries are generally made Monday to Friday between 7:00 and 20:00. The forwarding agent will contact you by telephone to state the delivery day and his time window. Please understand that due to traffic conditions it is not possible to give an exact time. If you are unable to attend, someone in your family or circle of friends will certainly find time to take delivery of the goods.

Please understand that an agreed delivery cannot be postponed again at short notice because the freight forwarder has to plan ahead with the freight space in the long term. Furthermore, the trailers are loaded several days in advance, so you need about 7 days’ notice.

If the delivery has to be notified a second time, you will be charged a cost allocation of € 119.

Deviating delivery when hiring a telescopic crane or assembly team

Does the actual delivery deviate from the delivery date/time indicated by the transport company? In that case, neither Lugarde, Pultrum nor Bos Dynamics can be held liable for the extra costs incurred (waiting time etc.) as well as consequential damage. There are many external factors which can affect delivery dates/times so please be aware of any changes which could affect any third-party contractors that you have hired.

* The extra cost of hiring a telescopic crane on the expected delivery day and/or time

– Are you forced to hire a telescopic crane at the time of delivery due to lack of space?

– In that case, we advise you to discuss this with your dealer, who could have experience with dealing with these situations.

– A solution could be to have the building delivered to the dealer or relevant crane company.

* The extra cost of hiring an assembly team on the expected delivery day and/or time

– Do you want to assemble quickly after your building is delivered? Then also bear in mind that, before the team can start work, the package must be fully checked for any damage and defects before assembly. If any significant damages or defects are found, please report these to the dealer prior to installation starting.