Patio covers

Patio covers are designed to add charm and functionality to outdoor spaces, by creating cosy and comfortable lounge areas that provide shade from the sun, as well as privacy for their owners. Isn’t that exactly what you’d like to add to your garden for the upcoming summer? Getting your garden spruced up with a wooden structure – like a patio cover or a lean-to veranda – is essential for a beautiful and welcoming backyard.

If you’ve been wondering how to achieve a little more privacy or how to align your garden landscape with the overall look of your house, it’s the right time for you to discover what various designs of wooden patio covers can do for your property! You won’t believe the number of options they provide – from creating an indoor-outdoor connection, using a lean-to veranda with glass sliding walls, to combining an open-design patio roof cover with an existing canopy. Therefore, let’s take a look at the most popular wooden patio cover designs and ideas that could work for your backyard.


Open design wooden patio covers

Wooden patio covers are probably the most popular among other types of patio structures – like metal and aluminium coverings. And not without a reason – the durability and easy construction, as well as a variety of designs and sizes, make wooden patio covers or patio roof kits the first choice for many. In addition, wood is a sustainable and truly renewable construction material and that, without a doubt, keeps getting more and more important for many homeowners.

The variety of designs available, as well as the atmosphere that a wooden patio cover can add to a garden, is something that homeowners, architects and designers have been appreciating for years. When people choose to construct a patio cover, a patio roof or a lean-to veranda, in most cases they want to link their indoor and outdoor spaces by creating an extension of the house that allows to make the most of their garden. The most appropriate option for this is an open design wooden patio cover. The combination of the wood frame, the roof and an open design will create a light and airy outdoor living area that’s seamlessly added to the house. This is a great option if you already have a wooden canopy – all you have to do is look for patio cover designs and ideas that would complement the existing area of your canopy. This kind of outdoor lounge will definitely become your favourite outdoor spot for afternoon tea or family gatherings in the spring and summer. However, such extension can also be handy during the colder months as well. Decorate the patio area accordingly for the holiday season and your garden will definitely stand out among your neighbour’s properties!


Partially enclosed wooden patio covers

Wooden patio covers are great for extending the living space outdoors. However, the prospective owners of patio structures are often concerned if it’s possible to get the feeling of a living space in an open design structure that’s basically just a roof with supporting posts. To be fair, this could actually be a concern in some cases – especially if the homeowners want to add a little more privacy to their lounge area or create an extra source of shade.

However, it shouldn’t put you off from constructing it in your garden, because a partially enclosed patio cover is a great solution in this case. Using a patio structure that’s enclosed from one or more sides will allow you to create an excellent space for living and leisure. However, when planning this extension, take your time to decide what should be the right positioning of the structure and which sides of it should be enclosed. This is as important for creating shade and privacy, as it is for getting enough sunlight in the area. The main things to keep in mind are the direction of the sun and the location of your neighbour’s fence.

It’s also worth mentioning that wood is the most appropriate building material for partially enclosed patio covers. Simply because the structure of the patio won’t turn out dark and heavy, as it could happen when building it from bricks, for example. The area will still be light and airy, despite a part of it being enclosed and protected from direct sunlight. The same applies to the overall look of your backyard – the patio cover won’t feel bulky as a part of it. On the contrary – it will add a finishing touch to the overall look of the house.