Roofs & floors

Roofs & floors

What shape of roof would you like for your summerhouse?

At Lugarde you can choose from a range of different roof shapes for your summerhouse, log cabin, gazebo, garage or carport. We offer a huge variety of roofs: apex, flat, pent, pyramid and asymmetric.

With pyramid, apex and asymmetric roofs, roof shingles are included in the price. In addition, you can choose various roof ornaments for pyramid roofs: a chrome ball, brass ball, classic weather vane or even a weather witch. With many summerhouses, you can also adjust the slope of the roof. We offer our flat and pent roofs with indestructible rubber EPDM without seams and including drainage. We can thus ensure that the roof of your summerhouse stays waterproof.


When it comes to other roof coverings, such as tiles, our dealers can recommend a local specialist. Our summerhouses and gazebos also lend themselves to other types of roof too. We can design your summerhouse so that another type of roof covering can be used.

Flat roof

For each flat roof, you will receive an EPDM package as standard. Our EPDM roof covering is extremely durable, requires minimal care and is very resistant to UV radiation. According to the SKZ test, the life of your roof is approximately 50 years with this EPDM roof covering. Flat roofs are supplied with a wide aluminium roof trim, high quality EPDM roof felt, water outlet and a bitumen kit. The purlins run on a slight diagonal, encouraging water flow. The roof edges are protected by the wide aluminium trim.



Pyramid roof

The pyramid roof (also called a pointed roof) comes with a decorative wooden knob inside. The roof fits perfectly due to the tongue and groove design. The metal cover is made of high quality steel plates with a thickness of 15 mm. The cover is completely sealed to prevent leaks. The hand made covers are individually tested and then powder coated so that the roof looks smooth.

Lugarde Summerhouse PGL02 is a bright summerhouse with octagonal design and a pyramid roof. Large windows and a double door create a warm interior flooded with light. 

On the roof, you can install a roof ornament of your choice: a chrome or brass ball, a weather vane or even a weather witch. When it comes to roofing shingles, you can choose from five different colours: black, red, green, brown or blue. Roof shingles are included in the price.

Apex roof

The apex roof is supplied with the roof itself (tongue and groove design, 19 mm thick) and purlins. In addition, you will receive a complete package of standard fittings and metal components, fascia boards and roof shingles. You can choose different coloured roof shingles: black, red, brown, green or blue. You are also provided with a pretty ridge cover made of metal, with the Lugarde logo on it.

Apex roofs are compatible with log cabins, summerhouses, gazebos, wooden garages and carports from the Pro and log cabin systems. The apex roof is not suitable for use with the Prima system.

Asymmetric roof

An asymmetric roof has two sides with different slopes. Our asymmetric pitched roofs come with a luxurious ridge cover made of metal, with the Lugarde logo on it. These roofs also have bitumen roof shingles in black, red, green, brown or blue.

Pent roof

A pent roof is a roof with a solid roof purlin and, in contrast to a flat roof, it slopes away to the back. For summerhouses with a pent roof, we offer the same package as you get with a flat roof: a wide aluminium trim, top quality rubber EPDM, water outlet and a bitumen kit. This is included in the price.

Floors for your summerhouse

Would you like a wooden floor in your summerhouse so you can walk around bare foot? You can order a floor for your summerhouse as an optional extra. In addition to the fact that a floor offers comfort, an internal floor also provides protection against rising damp. Lugarde’s wooden floors comprise 19 mm thick planks, plinths and impregnated interim beams.

Internal floor

The internal floor consists of 19 mm thick wooden planks, including a tongue and groove finish.

The range of wooden planks includes pressure-treated beams. The internal floor creates additional protection against rising damp. We always recommend an internal floor in your summerhouse or log cabin.

Veranda floor

Our veranda floor is made of Siberian larch timber. Siberian larch can be compared to hardwood and is very durable. This makes the veranda floor weatherproof and it needs no further treatment.


Attic floor

The attic is made of beams and a floor made of planks (including a tongue and groove finish). If you want extra space, you can choose to raise the walls or select a steeper roof (26 degrees or more). We can also provide a suitable ladder for the attic in your summerhouse.


Have you thought about insulation? If your summerhouse or log cabin is to be used as an office, (guest) room, apartment or recreational area, we advise you to insulate the roof, walls and floor.


Questions or more information?

Have questions, or want to learn more about our roofs and floors? Or do you have questions about our log cabins, summerhouses or gazebos? Please contact us or find the nearest dealer in your area. We will be happy to help!

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