The right type of wood for your summer house

When purchasing a wooden summer house or log cabin, it is important to choose the right type of wood. The right type of wood is ultimately the foundation for the good quality of a wooden summer house or a log cabin. Because of the many types of wood there are, it is difficult to make a quick choice.

At Lugarde you can choose from three different types of wood. With a summer house with panel system, you can opt for Siberian larch, Douglas wood or spruce (with or without scaffolding wood look). If you do not want to use a summer house with panel system, you can opt for a spruce summer house, log cabin, carport, garage or gazebo. All three types of wood are of very durable quality.

The right type of wood for your summer house

Different types of wood at Lugarde

Siberian Larch is a very durable and strong quality wood species that can last up to twenty years untreated. Douglas wood, like Siberian larch, is a very durable wood species and lasts ten to fifteen years untreated. In combination with the panel system from which your summer house is built, this means that you can enjoy your beautiful Lugarde summer house for years to come. Lugarde also offers high-quality spruce. With the panel system, you can opt for spruce with or without a scaffolding wood look.

Lugarde’s spruce comes from the cold north and therefore grows more slowly. This makes it a very durable and high-quality wood. However, you cannot place spruce in your garden untreated, so we recommend having it pre-treated in the factory with a suitable and moisture-regulating wood preservative. When you order your wooden summer house, log cabin or canopy, you can immediately order the appropriate quality paint. A Siberian larch or Douglas wood summer house with panel system generally does not need this, but you can of course always paint your summer house.

The different wood species can be further divided into two different types, namely hardwood and softwood. Which wood is best for a summer house?


Type of wood: Hardwood or softwood for summer houses?

The first choice you have to make is the choice between hardwood or softwood. Hardwood is of better quality than softwood, which also makes it more expensive. In addition, hardwood is more difficult to process and is therefore mainly used as a finishing material. Previously, softwood would often be chosen to construct summer houses. This type of wood is cheaper and of inferior quality but is easier to work with.

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Softwood types

Even within the category of softwood, there is a lot of choice, such as Pine or Cedar. The type of softwood that is usually chosen for summer houses is spruce. The best quality spruce comes from the northern countries because the climate there is cold. This climate has caused the trees to grow at a slower rate, resulting in finer annual rings. This ensures a strong and even structure of the wood. At Lugarde, the wood is dried in special drying chambers which ensures the good quality of the wood.

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