• Customer benefits

    Lugarde offers a huge list of additional extras like double glazing, 3-point lock, free roof shingles et cetera. Curious? Take a look at the complete list.

  • Our range of extra options

    We are a champion in bespoke designs. This is due to our own factory and our unique range of options such as glass sliding walls, windows & doors, treatments, insulation etc. Curious?

  • 3D-Configurator & Instructions

    Design your own unique dream summerhouse, log cabin, gazebo or garage in 3D. The 360 degree view gives you an excellent image of how it can look into your garden!

  • Bespoke design enquiry

    Don’t want to use the 3D-configurator? Please send your bespoke design – including a sketch – via this form.

  • Our construction systems

    In 2016 we launched our new pro-system. Hereby you can choose between three systems. Inform yourself!

  • Request our catalogue

    Ask for our free catalogue and take a look at our wide range of products.

  • Practical tips

    How to extend the life of your summerhouse? Take a look at our practical care instructions.

  • Doors & windows

    Would you like to have a different type of window and/or door? Or a larger window? Take a look at our possibilities, like windows and doors with frosted glass.

  • Roofs & Floors

    Which kind of roof type do you prefer? Which floor possibilities are there? On this page you can read more about it.

  • Paint treatments

    Only pre-treatment or your summerhouse factory painted or your log cabin pressure-treated? Take a look at all the factory treatments, options and colours.

  • Insulation

    Your summerhouse is more than just a storage place? With our insulation possibilities you can enjoy your summerhouse the whole year round.