Our timber

Top quality timber from northern countries

The spruce wood for our summerhouses, log cabins, gazebos, garages and carports is of the very best quality. It is sourced from northern countries with cold climates. As a result of this cold climate, the trees grow relatively slowly. The growth rings are closer together, making the wood more stable and durable. All of our timber is kiln dried in special drying rooms to approx. 14-16% moisture content, and as a result wood shrinkage is reduced. The fact that we cut the wooden components ourselves means that they fit together with millimetre precision. We produce corner connections with outstanding wind and water resistance for our log cabins, summerhouses and garages.

Protect your summerhouse from the elements

A comprehensive treatment will ensure the longevity of your wooden summerhouse. We recommend treating the timber, before assembly, with a suitable moisture-regulating timber protection agent (we can do this for you or you can do it yourself). This is the only way to protect the timber properly. If you paint the summerhouse after assembly, the protective agent will not be able to reach all the nooks and crannies.

We advise you to bear these tips in mind when buying paint too. The paint must be moisture-regulating and offer adequate protection against UV radiation. When ordering your wooden summerhouse, log cabin or gazebo, you can also order suitable, good quality paint.

Maybe you’d rather not paint it yourself? Simply have the summerhouse or log cabin pre-treated in our factory. Then you won’t have to treat it before assembly. The construction is then protected for the first six to twelve months and after that you only need to paint the surface. We can also paint your summerhouse or gazebo for you. It is then protected for around five years. Read more about our impregnation and paint treatments.


Natural timber

Timber has a natural look. Features such as smaller or larger growth rings, knots, colour differences, growths and variations are caused by the growth of the tree. These characteristics are quite normal in timber.

Another natural property of wood is expansion or shrinkage, which is due to the weather. We have taken this into account when developing our system, which allows the wood enough room to move.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Nature is close to our hearts. That’s why it goes without saying that our summerhouses and gazebos are fully recyclable. We keep wood waste to an absolute minimum and use the residual waste for other purposes.

For every tree we use for a Lugarde summerhouse, an average of 1.2 trees are replanted. This means that for every seven trees we use, twelve are replaced. All of our timber suppliers are also PEFC and FSC certified.

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