Our construction systems


The Pro-system was developed in 2016 and offers a robust and modern look. The Pro-system has robust laminated posts of 14 x 14 cm. The wall elements slides easily into the grooves of these posts. Due to this unique construction, developed by Lugarde, the aluminium strip ensures a very solid construction. It also simplifies assembly, as the wall elements don’t need to be assembled from the top down.


Discover our range of summerhouses in the Pro-system.

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Log cabin system

You can recognise our popular log cabin system by its overlapping corner connections. This gives a classic and rural look and feel. The tongue and groove fits perfectly so the corner connections remain strong.

Different wall thicknesses

Just like Lugarde’s summerhouses, our log cabins are available in different sizes and wall thicknesses. Log cabins with a wall thickness of 68 mm have a double tongue and groove. This is very suitable for insulation. So even during colder months of the year you can still use your log cabin. Lugarde offers many shapes and possibilities: from a small log cabin to a large holiday home with multiple rooms.

Discover our log cabins!

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The unique, patented Prima-system was design by Lugarde in partnership with the TU Delft. The Prima-system uses a technique where the milled wall sections slot perfectly into the corresponding corner uprights.


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This makes the system very stable and easy to assemble

The corner uprights are fitted on the inside with slide-in aluminium strips, which greatly enhances the strength and durability of summerhouses. Once assembled the aluminium strips are no longer visible.

Different designs

Summerhouses constructed with the Prima-system have modern and stump corners. You can choose between square, rectangular, octagonal, oval and pentagonal.

Discover our Prima-system summerhouses!

Low roof garden buildings

If you plan to install your garden building closer than 2 m to a property boundary, then in most cases you will need a building less than 2.5 m high (please note that these restrictions may vary in different areas of the UK). You can set up a home office, gym or outdoor lounge area without applying for a planning permission when you buy a Lugarde garden building!

Are you looking for a garden building that fulfils development regulations? At Lugarde you can choose a garden building that fulfils development regulations from a wide range of classic and modern summerhouses, log cabins, pavilions and gazebos. Or create your own bespoke low roof garden building with our 3D configurator!

Bespoke design and configurator

It doesn’t matter which kind of construction system you choose, you can change the design of every summerhouse, log cabin, gazebo, wooden garage and carport. Almost anything is possible. Change the sizes or the roof type. Add an internal floor or insulation to your design. Choose different doors, windows or sliding glass walls from our wide range. Change the form or extend the summerhouse with an extra room. Ask for a bespoke design enquiry or design a summerhouse to your own requirements with the Lugarde 3D configurator, where you can see your summerhouse from every angle.


Which construction system will you choose for your summerhouse or wooden garage? Take a look at our Pro-system summerhouses, Prima-system summerhouses and log cabins, or design your own bespoke garden building with our unique 3D configurator.