Help the elderly live independently – create an informal care home in your garden!

Do you have elderly parents or other relatives who have recently started to require more help with their daily lives?  Before you decide to move your loved ones into your home, you should consider how these changes will affect your family’s daily life and, most importantly, how your parents will settle in and how they will feel about giving up their independence. However, there is always a solution to any situation. If your home is too small or your parents aren’t ready to give up their independence completely, you could set up an informal care home in your own back garden.

Lugarde Log Cabin B22 is is a big log cabin with a saddle roof and an overhang in the front. The large double door and the many high windows underline its unfussy and modern design and create a warm interior flooded with light. Lugarde Log Cabin B54 is a big log cabin with a saddle roof and a spacious veranda. The veranda is surrounded by a beautiful wooden balustrate while the spacious bright interior can be divided into several rooms. Lugarde Log Cabin B43 is a big log cabin with a rustic look. Thanks to the unique construction this cabin has weatherproof corner connections. The large patio and the many windows and double doors serve an airy and bright atmosphere.

Lugarde Log Cabin B33 is a big log cabin with a saddle roof. Its adjoining fenced garden as well as its crossbar windows and doubledoor resembles an English cottage. Lugarde Log Cabin B47 is a big log cabin that combines a lockable interior with an open patio. The interior has two entrances and is therfore suitable for two different rooms. The spacious patio is surrounded by a beautiful wooden balustrade.

Lugarde Log Cabin LP98b is a big log cabin with a saddle roof and a large veranda open on two sides. The interior has two separate entrances stimulating your creativity to design this log cabin. Lugarde log cabin B55 with an apex roof and red bitumen roof shingles. Lugarde Summerhouse SP33b is a flat roofed summerhouse with a classic and sound design. It has a wide overhang that is ideal for taking a break from work outside as it protects you from bad weather.

Lugarde Log Cabin B24 is a big log cabin with a saddle roof. The small overhang and its many crossbar windows and doors make it look like an English Cottage. Lugarde Log Cabin B41 is a big log cabin with many large windows at its front that provide a fantastic view of your garden. The saddle roof with its overhang enables you to sit outside while protected from the elements.

The advantages of an informal garden-based care home:

1. Privacy

With an informal care home in your garden, the elderly can continue to live their lives as they did before, even after moving in with you. If moving into their child’s house might cause misunderstandings due to the shared living space or the lack of privacy, then an informal care home in the garden can provide a separate living space with a separate entrance, bathroom and kitchen. A multi-roomed garden building can provide the elderly with enough living space – a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. You could even set up several bedrooms and bathrooms if necessary!

2. Time

It can be challenging to be around for the elderly whenever they need it, especially if you live a long way away from each other. If you decide to move your parents into an informal care home in your garden, you not only allow them to keep their independence but also allow yourself to keep to your daily routine while still being around for them every day. Imagine how easy your life would be if you could check on your parents just by crossing the garden, instead of driving to a different town.

3. Costs

Moving your parents into a residential care home is expensive because the monthly care fees are high. If your family is in doubt about moving your elderly family members into a residential care home due to the high costs, an informal care home in your garden could help you to save money. Moreover, from the money you save on accommodation, you will be able to hire someone to help your parents with their day-to-day needs for a couple of days every week.