Something different: a log cabin boat

26 May 2017| Top Tips| Robert Jongeneel

This article will clearly show that a summerhouse can be so much more than a storage area. This log cabin boat was rented out by one of our customers as a unique holiday experience for weekends and longer holidays. You can experience the Dutch rivers up-close, on board this exclusive log cabin boat. Alongside this exceptional design, there are many other examples of how you could put a Lugarde summerhouse or log cabin to good use. The possibilities are endless. Be inspired.

Options for your summerhouse

Even though summerhouses are still traditionally used as storage areas, more and more people are now using this garden area for other purposes. Perhaps this article will inspire you to use a summerhouse in a way that hadn’t occurred to your before?


Some of our customers use their summerhouses or log cabins as their home office. If you opt for larger windows, you not only gain more light but also have a great view over your garden. This is not only beneficial for concentration, but also for your creativity.

Practical area

Some people are eager to invite their customers to use the practical area in their summerhouses. They are essentially ‘working from home’. Saving not only on hire costs, but also on travelling costs. The owners of Lugarde summerhouses have to get used to hearing much how their customers value the natural atmosphere of the setting. With insulation options, anything is possible. Whether you want to create a hairdressing salon, physiotherapy practice or a manicure area.

Your own wellness facility

But enough about work! Now it’s time to relax. You can also turn your summerhouse into a wellness area. And turn your garden into an oasis of relaxation. Creating a space to find peace. It doesn’t matter if you want to sit in a hot-tub with a glass of champagne, have a massage in a massage chair, or just take a long, hot bath.


If we’re talking about finding inspiration, the following option can’t be overlooked: your summerhouse or log cabin can also function as a studio or music room. Where you can relax or create music without interrupting anyone else.

But why a Lugarde summerhouse?

You’ve found inspiration about how to use your summerhouse or log cabin. But now, you may be asking why a Lugarde? The answer is easy: we offer top quality bespoke design without extra costs. The price/quality ratio is therefore excellent. We have been doing this for over 38 years. Our name is LU(xury) GARDE(n) for very good reason. The Lugarde finish is of the very highest quality!