11 items that are indispensable in your home office

11 items that are indispensable in your home office


If you have furnished the summer house as a home office, then there are certain things to think about. What are the items that are truly indispensable in the office? Let us bring you up to speed, about your wooden garden office.

1. A computer or laptop

This is basically the foundation nowadays: a computer or laptop that performs well and is equipped with the latest software. It doesn’t matter if it’s a desktop computer or a laptop, but at least make sure it meets your requirements.  Do you use a laptop? Make sure you use a support on which you can place your laptop, for example. This not only makes it easier to use the laptop, you will also notice that your posture improves. For a desktop computer, it is of course also important that you adjust the screen properly. This way, you can turn your summer house into a pleasant place to work.


2. Connection to the Internet

The computer is one thing, the connection to the Internet is at least as important. These days, there are few programmes on the computer that do not require Internet access. So don’t compromise on the Internet connection. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for files from a colleague because the connection is so bad. Choose a good connection, wireless or wired, but be sure it is a stable and fast connection.

3. Well-equipped seat

The basics are good, a computer and connection to the Internet. Do you work full eight-hour workdays or more in the home office? Then make sure you have a good desk and a good chair. A poor workplace can have major health consequences, such as back problems or problems with the wrists or arms. A good seat is characterised by a desk chair that is adjustable in height. Not only should the seat height be adjustable, but the backrest and armrest as well. Perhaps you want to stand up once in a while. There are special stand-up desks for this purpose, perhaps this is the ideal solution for your home office.

4. Good lighting

Of course, lighting is something you need in your office. You just work much more pleasantly and productively when you have good lighting. Make sure there is enough light, especially when working behind a screen. This is a lot better for your eyes and makes you less likely to get fatigued. If you are going to turn the summer house into an office, think about the location of the lighting and the placement of the windows. Natural light is often perceived as the most pleasant, so opt for a large window near the workplace.

5. Space for cabinets

Maybe you’d like to tidy up some documents and stuff in the office. If you are thinking about a new summer house, take this into account. If you choose to create an additional room in the summer house, this is of course ideal for storing things. Then you have all the space you need in the office to be able to work pleasantly. Of course, it is also possible to place one or more cabinets somewhere in the corner of a smaller office.

6. A copier

Do you have a profession where it is necessary to print and/or copy a lot of documents? Then think about buying a good printer. There are many different possibilities nowadays and it certainly doesn’t have to be a large device. But it probably makes a difference if you have everything in order at home. No more trips to the office to print those important documents.

7. Phone

Surely, you have a mobile phone. But is this your private phone or is it a business phone? Of course, you can still choose to purchase a landline telephone in the summer house. Technology offers lots of options nowadays, you can even call via VOIP (calling via the Internet). It is certainly no longer always necessary to run all sorts of cables into the summer house. With a landline in the office, it might also save you some distractions from your mobile phone and allow you to work with a lot of focus.

8. A good headset

Ride that focus a bit longer. Perhaps you love listening to music while you work. Then consider buying a good headset, possibly with built-in noise cancelling. Your summer house is probably already in a quiet place, but with the purchase of a headset you can be sure that you can continue to work undisturbed and will not be bothered by any background noise.


9. Additional digital storage space

The office is actually already very complete. Points 1 through 8 are more or less the basic elements and it is not necessarily necessary to purchase everything, we leave that to your own wishes. But another good piece of advice we would like to give you is to purchase a backup option. This can be in the form of a USB stick with a lot of capacity or something like an external hard disk. If you are a designer or architect, you may be working with large, heavy files. Then the choice for a NAS or small server may not be all that excessive.

10. Heating or ventilation?

You want to be able to work in your home office in your summer house in the winter. That means it cannot be too cold inside. In the summer months, you want to be able to ventilate or otherwise keep the home office a little cooler. By taking the changing seasons into account, you can always use your home office. Install a heater in the winter or opt for extra insulation of your summer house if you are going to install a new summer house specifically for your office. Being able to open a window in summer may be nice, but an air conditioner or fan is often sufficient.

11. Good lock on the door

Your office equipment is valuable. You have to protect them. Your Woodpro summer house will ensure that your belongings are well protected from the elements, but of course it is also important to place a good lock on your door and any windows. Items that are indispensable in your home office After going through this list, you are ready to start working in your home office. We assumed that you already have a summer house, but if that is not yet the case, then get started with our 3D configurator and design your own custom-made summer house. When you opt for a summer house or log cabin from Woodpro, you can be sure that you are getting very favourably priced summer house. We deliver custom-made products without extra cost and our products are supplied (as described) with double glazing as standard. Our products are made of the highest quality wood from Northern Europe. These countries have a cold climate, so the trees grow slower and the wood is more stable and durable. If, after reading this article, you have questions about our products, please contact us. Would you like to stay up to date with our latest news and also receive our blog articles by e-mail? Then subscribe to our newsletter.