2. #DIY: Build your own summer house or log cabin

2. #DIY: Build your own summer house or log cabin


In our #DIY series we give you tips and tricks once every two weeks on the whole process from design to building to maintenance. We give you structured instructions, so that you can do everything yourself. Last week we explained to you how you can design your own summer house or log cabin in our 3D configurator. This week we will show you how you can build your own log cabin. Are you interested?! Then keep following us in this blog series!

Anyone can build their own summer house or log cabin, and it’s challenging and fun too! Do you also want to build a summer house or log cabin? That’s possible! There are several things you need to consider when building a summer house or log cabin. Of course, you also want to know how to build a summer house or log cabin from Lugarde. You will read it in this blog!

Rules and permits

If you want to build a log cabin or summer house, you need to know – before you start building – if you need a building permit. For example, you may sometimes need a permit if you want to place your log cabin or summer house on the front or side of your house. It is therefore wise to always check with the relevant authorities if you need a permit.

Natural movement of the wood

It is also important to know that wood ‘moves.’ Wood is a natural product that can shrink and expand. This is mainly the result of fluctuating humidity. This is called the ‘movement’ of the wood. When humidity is high, wood absorbs moisture and expands. When humidity drops, wood shrinks. This ‘movement’ can possibly lead to (temporary) unevenness and irregularities. The ‘movement’ is gradual, so you won’t notice weekly changes. This natural movement of the wood belongs to a wooden product and is not a complaint that can be remedied. You can take this into account when building your log cabin.

The construction of a log cabin with a flat roof

Have you considered the above points for a moment? Well, then it’s time to tell you how a build a log cabin or summer house! Of course, Lugarde has different building systems. In this blog we will explain how to build a log cabin with a flat roof. Would you also like to see how you can build this log cabin? At the bottom of this page you will find the assembly video, on which you can see all the steps for building. You log cabin will be ready in no time! Are ready to build? Do you have the manual ready? In 8 steps we will explain to you how to build your own log cabin. Next, we will explain to you how to mount the roofing material on the roof, so that your log cabin is ready for use! Good luck!

            Step 1:

First, ensure that the foundation of your log cabin is flat and level. Then you can place all wall beams and foundation beams in the right place, after which you can slide the corner clips onto the foundation beams.

            Step 2:

Once you slide the corner clips onto the foundation beams, check that the foundation beams are perpendicular.

           Step 3:

Now you can start by stacking the first wall beams. Pay close attention to the plan to see which wall beam should go where. It’s important to make sure that the groove points downwards and the tongue upwards, so that the next row can be attached to it. Now you can stack the rest of the wall beams. Always keep an eye on the plan to check that the beams are in the correct positions.

           Step 4:

If present in your log cabin, position the wall beam that has recesses for inserting other beams and then insert the required cross-members. After that, you can continue to stack all parts according to the plan.

            Step 5:

Now it is time to slot in the roof joists. Pay attention to which way they should slope. Attach the outermost one last, after inserting the (overhang) blocks. Then you can attach the filler blocks next to and in between the joists.

            Step 6:

Measure the distance between the walls at the top and divide the number of edge blocks evenly over the two sides. Attach them with screws from the inside and mount the last two joists.

            Step 7:

Now you can attach the roof boarding. Keep it level with the front and sides. When the roof boarding is completely assembled, cut off the excess part of the last roof board. Next, position the 44 x 44 mm beams and cut them to size.

            Step 8:

Now attach the fascia boards. You can choose to butt them up against each other or you can mitre the corners. Then you can drill the hole for the ø 75 mm. Slightly bigger is not a problem either.

Attaching EPDM foil

Now you have built your log cabin with a flat roof, but you’re not done yet! The roofing has yet to be put on! On a flat roof you use EPDM foil as roofing material. EPDM can only be installed on a clean, dry and dust-free roof. So, first clean your roof before installing the EPDM foil. Is the roof clean and dry? Then you can place the EPDM on the roof and roll it back so that it covers about half of the roof. Now spread adhesive next to and on the edges and in lines across the roof every 30 cm. Spread the adhesive in lines perpendicular to the direction of the roof boarding. Then you can roll the EPDM back and press it down firmly on the adhesive. Now you can cut the hole for the roof outlet. It is better to cut the hole too small rather than too large – you can push the tube through, making the hole stretch. Then spread adhesive on the underside of the EPDM flap. Push the roof outlet into the hole and firmly press down on the flaps coated in EPDM adhesive. You can also do this with a roller. Make sure that there is adhesive on the sides so that it is waterproof. Brush away excess adhesive carefully. Now mount the corner pieces of the trim on the fascia board. Measure between the two corner pieces to give you the length of roof trim needed. Use an angle grinder of hacksaw to cut the roof trim to length and screw it onto the fascia board. Have you mounted all the corner pieces and roof trims? Then cut off the excess EPDM with a stanley knife. In the video below you can watch how to assemble the EPDM foil. Do you have another type of Lugarde summer house or log cabin? Then look at our assembly videos. Here are several systems explained, but also how you can assemble a window in your summerhouse or log cabin. Good luck with the construction! Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you!  

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