A garden house for your collection!

A garden house for your collection!


Are you a true collector, but can’t house your entire collection in one place? Then we have the solution for you … a garden house for your collection! A log cabin can be designed according to your own wishes and needs. Place cupboards and showcases in such a way that you have enough possibilities to keep your collected treasures protected. There you can store everything in one place and display the collection for visitors and interested people. At a glance, you can see what is still missing from your collection and what is available.

The advantages of your collection in your garden house:

1. Everything in one place

With a garden house or log cabin in your garden, you can keep everything in one place. This offers several advantages, you no longer have to search, you have a clear overview and can invite an audience to view your collection.

2. Free space

The space offered by a garden house or log cabin is often very large and well organized. Unlike storing your collection in your bedroom, for example, you have all the space for your collection. With a garden house, you can use the space in a way that keeps your treasures safe and presents them beautifully at the same time.

3. No one is bothered by it

With a garden house no one will be disturbed by your collection. Especially if you live with a family or only with your partner, a passion for collecting can often disturb the family. A collection takes up a lot of space in the house and you yourself may feel uncomfortable taking the place in the house. Therefore, with a collection in your very personal room in the garden house, you will not disturb anyone and you will have a place to rest.