A home office in your summerhouse

A home office in your summerhouse



Are you tired of being stuck in traffic for hours on your way to work? Do you already have a home office but need to clear it for the arrival of a new family member? Then a home office in your summerhouse is just the right solution for you. With our range of insulation systems, your summerhouse office is usable all year round, offering you a relaxed working atmosphere.


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What are the advantages of a home office in your summerhouse?

If you already have a home office in your home, moving to your summerhouse means more privacy for you. You clearly separate your workspace from your living space and also avoid any distraction. The natural wood of your summerhouse also has a soothing and pleasant effect and encourages creativity and your concentration. Your own home office in your summerhouse, will save you not only the stress of the daily commute to work but also the travel time. At the same time you’re doing something for the environment by only walking a few steps to your summerhouse and leaving your car in your garage. You’re also more flexible in terms of your working hours. You can decide for yourself when to start and stop working. In addition, your garden office also gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your family, because you’re there for a family dinner every day. This is good not only for you, but also for your family.


Protected from theft

Still have doubts about whether a summerhouse office is right for you, especially for security reasons? There’s really no need to worry. Thanks to a 3-point locking system, your summerhouse is perfectly secured and you don’t have to worry about confidential documents falling into the wrong hands. You can also install a surveillance system on the outside of your summerhouse to deter burglars.

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A summerhouse office with a porch

Another extra that your summerhouse office can provide is a private porch. This makes a great space to welcome customers or business partners in a quiet environment without being surrounded by noise in a café. In the relaxed atmosphere of your garden, you can handle business in comfort while drinking a cup of coffee. Want more tips on how to make your summerhouse unique? Then come back next week to find out how to turn your summerhouse into a wellness oasis.  


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