A hunting lodge in a log cabin!

A hunting lodge in a log cabin!


Advantages of a hunting lodge in a log cabin

A hunting lodge in a log cabin? A natural environment, like a log cabin, is perfect for your trophy collection. Be inspired!

1. Wood provides safety in the mountains

Wood is the right material to build safely in the mountains or in the forest. It is extremely steady against various weather conditions and is also perfectly suited for the hard to reach location of the ground.

Lugarde hunting lodge summerhouse

2. Suitable storage for your hunting trophies

A log cabin is the perfect location for your hunting trophies. They become a real eye-catcher in a log cabin environment. The natural background of the wood makes your trophies stand out even more and creates a harmony with nature.

3. It is authentic

A log cabin as a hunting lodge brings true authenticity. The wooden structures give you a rustic feeling and create a cozy atmosphere. In addition, a log cabin made of wood fits perfectly into the natural environment.