A kindergarten in a log cabin!

A kindergarten in a log cabin!


A kindergarten in a log cabin? Log cabins provide the perfect place for the little ones – be inspired!

The advantages of a kindergarten in a log cabin

1. Health benefits

The naturalness of the wood is proven to be soothing and helps children to study, as it supports concentration. Children who learn in a wood atmosphere are healthier, both mentally and physically.


2. Clean room air

Wooden structures have cleaner room air than other rooms. The humidity in the room is also balanced better, which helps children with allergies to breathe.


3. Lots of space

A log cabin offers enough space to accommodate all kindergarten groups. An extension is easy to build, or why not construct a small village of log cabins, where each kindergarten group has its own individual log cabin? With our 3D Configurator, you can design the ideal log cabin for your kindergarten and create a place for creative development.