A natural pond next to your log cabin

A natural pond next to your log cabin


Plants for your pond

Plants are indispensable for a natural pond. These ensure a biological balance. This means that different living creatures can colonise this pond first. In addition, the formation of algae is prevented with a good biological function. Particularly popular plants for your pond are water lilies. These flowers often flourish from June to the first frost in different splendid colors. However, it should be noted that water lilies need a lot of space after a few years. Furthermore, there are underwater plants which grow under the water surface and either float in the water or are firmly rooted in the ground.

A living pond

If you want to bring your pond to life with animals, it is important to pay attention to certain peculiarities of the animals. Basically, it is something very beautiful to have different fish and frogs settle in the pond. With a natural pond, it is especially important with fish that there is enough space. The process of animals settling in a natural pond often happens quickly by itself. Straight dragonflies or other insects will quickly awaken your pond into a small ecosystem. Dragonflies are very effective against mosquitoes, which can be a real advantage in summer!


The most common fish in a garden pond are goldfish. They are very popular because they are robust and easy to care for. The goldfish likes to be together with other fish of the same species and also gets along with smaller fish like the minnow or the bitterling. With the goldfish it is important that the pond is at least one meter deep and does not get too hot. It survives the winter without any problems. Koi are also popular pond fish. With these however a few more rules are to be considered. The optimal water temperature for Koi is 20 °C to 24 °C. Also with Kois a combination between sunny and shady places should be created. The female Koi also needs shallower places to spawn. A good solution for the winter is to have the pond as deep as possible so that they can escape the cold. The minimum depth should be 1.3 metres.


With amphibians, it is particularly important to ensure that the water is calm and that there are enough aquatic plants to sunbathe and hide. Common pond dwellers among amphibians are toads and newts. Especially noticeable in your pond is the pond frog, because it is easily recognizable by its loud voice. Pond frogs are very common in ponds because they are not choosy about their habitat.

A footbridge from your garden house into the pond

A particularly beautiful detail in your garden is a footbridge, which leads from your garden house into the pond. On hot summer days you can cool your feet in the pond or simply enjoy the water right next to your garden house. Impressive water plants and animals in your pond make the combination of your garden house and pond a special eye-catcher. A footbridge also offers the advantage that pond maintenance is made easier. For many owners, observing the pond inhabitants also offers a special relaxation after a hard day’s work. A jetty is often worthwhile even with a small pond. A bridge can be made of different materials. Of course, a wooden bridge, which you can either buy or even build yourself, goes particularly well with a log cabin.Could we inspire you for a natural pond in combination with a garden house? Then take a look at our website to find the right garden house for your needs and start setting up your own place to relax in nature.