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A spa area in your own summerhouse

A spa area in your own summerhouse


Is your summerhouse the perfect place for you to relax? With a spa in your summerhouse this is now possible. Be inspired!


The benefits of a spa in your garden

1. You’re undisturbed

A wellness area in your summerhouse gives you the opportunity to relax undisturbed and enjoy the peace without being seen by your neighbours or other strangers.

Wellness Inspiration spa

2. You’re no longer restricted by opening hours

If you build your own spa in your summerhouse, you can enjoy it at any time of day or night, for as long as you want. You’re no longer tied to annoying opening hours, but can enjoy complete relaxation whenever you want.

Lugarde Wellness spa

3. You relax in a familiar environment

It isn’t for nothing that we say “home sweet home”. It’s been proved that you feel most comfortable at home. With a spa in your summerhouse, you can relax in your own home and enjoy the view over your familiar garden.

Lugarde Wellness spa