A summer house to use as a home office. What should you keep in mind?

A summer house to use as a home office. What should you keep in mind?


Maybe you spend more than an hour in the car every day to get to work? Do you get stuck in traffic as well? This costs you a lot of time every day, and is actually not needed at all. Have you ever thought of a home office? We certainly understand that not all professions lend themselves to a home office, but many office jobs already know the principle of working from home, so don’t you want to be able to do that in a good environment? We at Lugarde love wood, so we think it’s a great idea if you want to create a garden home office in one of our summer houses or log cabins.

We want to give you some tips on how to set up an office, so that you can be sure that you are not overlooking anything. Generally, we can say that there are three things that are incredibly important.

  • Installation of electricity and heating
  • Internet and telephony
  • Lighting and security
  • We’ll go through these priorities one by one.

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Installation of electricity and heating

A working environment must be comfortable and have a variety of conveniences. This starts with the right temperature; no one is happy to be working in a cold room. That is why good heating is important for the office in a summer house. An advantage of Lugarde’s houses is the possibility to have them insulated. You can have both the floors and the walls and roof insulated, which means that the home office can be used all year round, even at lower temperatures. If you also incorporate a form of heating in the summer house, you are absolutely sure of a warm place to start working.

You can heat the summer house with, for example, a jet heater, heaters, installing actual central heating, or perhaps you want to do something with solar panels. Anything is possible.

Another essential element is the installation of electricity in the summer house. Modern office work cannot be done without a computer and other electrical appliances, so it is important to install electricity in the summer house. And working in the evening also becomes a lot easier if you can turn on the lights in the summer house, but we’ll tell you more about that later.

Internet and telephony

One of the great advantages of creating an office in your summer shed is having a strong Internet connection – your Wi-Fi connection! We live in a world where an Internet connection now plays a very important role in the lives of almost everyone. And let’s face it, office work involves the Internet. It may be enough to connect to your mobile phone, but in many cases, it’s still nice to have a stable connection via Wi-Fi.

Another aspect to consider is a telephone line. Although we see more and more often that this is no longer necessary because phone traffic is moving towards mobile, you still might want to add this. That way you can keep your work and private life well separated.

Lighting and security

We already mentioned it briefly: good lighting. Very important in a home office. You don’t want a workplace with poor lighting, so think about that when you start building a summer house. Where exactly do you need connections for electricity? This is usually much easier to realise when you are building than when the house is already finished.

With regard to security, our summer houses and log cabins are the right choice! With our three-point locking system, your garden shed is perfectly secured and you don’t have to worry about your documents and possibly a laptop falling into the wrong hands. If you want even more security, consider installing a surveillance system to deter burglars. A home office in the form of a summer house has many advantages. Your working environment and living space are well separated, so you are less likely to be distracted while working.

The wooden look provides a soothing and pleasant effect and will stimulate your creativity and concentration. Do you not yet have your own home office? Think of how much travel time you can save. Another added benefit is that this is good for the environment. The office is only a few steps away from home. The car can stay in the garage. Have you become excited about a home office after reading this information? Take a look at our complete collection summer houses online, where you can find out much more about the summer houses and the different systems. Do you want a summerhouse that matches your style? Choose from different designs and colors. Take a summerhous in grey, for example.

If you have any questions about a system or if you would like to discuss the possibilities for your situation with an employee, please contact us by phone at 0573 401 800. You can also access the configurator below or request a custom-made product. To 3D-configurator   request custom-made product